Project Title: Baroness Von Sketch Show 04

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 10
Company Name: BVSS 4 Productions Ontario Inc.
Address: 543 Richmond St. W., Suite 214  Toronto, ON M5V 1Y6
Telephone Number:  416-835-4540
Producer Name: Graham Ludlow
Director Name: Jordan Canning
Principal Cast: Carolyn Taylor, Jen Whelan, Meredith McNeil, Aurora Browne
Location Manager Name: Beverley Kolbe
Assistant Location Manager Name: Brad Alexander
Production Manager Name: Kim De Simone
Camera start: 09/24/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/14/2018

Project Title: Designated Survivor 03

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 10
Company Name: Designated 3 Ltd
Address: 2365 Dixie Rd., Mississauga, ON L4Y 0E6
Telephone Number: 905-270-7488
Fax Number: 905-270-7499
Producer Name: Chris Hatcher
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: Kiefer Sutherland
Location Manager Name: Andrew Gainor
Location Manager Name: Richard Hughes
Assistant Location Manager Name: Jarrod Price
Assistant Location Manager Name: Nikhil D’Souza
Production Manager Name: Chris Hatcher
Camera start: 10/15/2018
Camera Wrap: 02/28/2019

Project Title: Good Witch 05

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 12
Company Name: Good Witch 5 Productions Inc.
Address: 777 Kipling Ave., Suite 201, Toronto, ON M8Z 5Z4
Telephone Number: 416-239-1906
Fax Number: 416-239-9233
Producer Name: Colin Brunton
Director Name: TBA
Principal Cast: Catherine Bell, James Denten,Bailee Madison, Catherine Disher, Sarah Power
Location Manager Name: Geoff Smither
Location Manager Name: Karen Perez
Assistant Location Manager Name: Joe Dewar
Production Manager Name: Kim Bradley
Camera start: 08/08/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/14/2018

Project Title: Greenland

Broadcast Platform:
Production Type: Feature
Company Name: Greenland Films Inc.
Address: 65 Heward Ave., Suite A201 Toronto, ON M4M 2T5
Telephone Number: 416-406-4023
Fax Number: 416-915-1785
Producer Name: Steven St. Arnaud
Director Name: Neil Blomkamp
Principal Cast:  Chris Evans
Location Manager Name: Scott Alexander
Location Manager Name: Jeffery Pong
Assistant Location Manager Name:  Mark McFadden
Assistant Location Manager Name:  Alex Makrygiannis
Production Manager Name: Alex Jordan
Camera start: 01/14/2019
Camera Wrap: 03/22/2019

Project Title: In The Dark

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 12
Company Name: AG Films Canada Inc.
Address: 777 Kipling Ave., Suite 101
Telephone Number: 416-239-9644
Fax Number: 416-239-3398
Producer Name: Andrea Rafaghello
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast:
Location Manager Name: Michael Campbell
Location Manager Name: Luis Mendoza
Assistant Location Manager Name: Kevin Allen
Production Manager Name: David Vaughan
Camera start: 08/08/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/21/2018

Project Title: Jett

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 09
Company Name: Northern State Productions Inc.
Address: 130 Bloor St. W., Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5S 1N5
Telephone Number: 416-207-6454
Fax Number:  416-207-9975
Producer Name:  Kathy Landsberg, Sebastian Gutierrez, Mark Stern, Carla Gugino
Director Name: Sebastian Gutierrez
Principal Cast:  TBC
Location Manager Name: Greg Holmgren
Assistant Location Manager Name: Jorge Contreras
Production Manager Name: Brandon Tataryn
Camera start: 06/11/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/07/2018

Project Title: Magnesium

Broadcast Platform: Web
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 10
Company Name: Sinking Ship (GW) Productions Inc.
Address:  1179 King St. W., Suite 302 Toronto, ON M6K 3E5
Telephone Number:  416-533-8172
Fax Number:  416-533-3878
Producer Name: Sari Friedland
Director Name: J.J. Johnson
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: David McIlroy
Assistant Location Manager Name: Jared Burton
Production Manager Name:
Camera start: 11/12/2018
Camera Wrap: 07/31/2019

Project Title: Master Chef Canada 06

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 12
Company Name: MCC VI Productions Ltd.
Address:  772 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto, ON M6H 0A2
Telephone Number:  416-598-2500 ext 566
Producer Name: Meredith Veats
Director Name: Dave Russell
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Kendra Miller
Location Manager Name: Adili Tayaba
Assistant Location Manager Name: Natalie Rutherford
Assistant Location Manager Name: Jamie Russell
Production Manager Name: Adili Tayaba
Camera start: 11/07/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/27/2018

Project Title: My Spy

Broadcast Platform: Theatrical Release
Production Type: Feature
Company Name: My Spy Productions Inc.
Address: 30 Booth Ave., Suite 100 Toronto, ON M4M 2M2
Telephone Number: 416-465-3700
Producer Name: Michael Flynn, Chris Bender
Director Name: Pete Segal
Principal Cast: Dave Bautista
Location Manager Name: Jonathan Matthews
Assistant Location Manager Name:
Production Manager Name: Whitney Brown
Camera start: 09/17/2018
Camera Wrap: 11/30/2018

Project Title: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Broadcast Platform: Theatrical Release
Production Type: Feature
Company Name: Granville Canadian Productions Inc.
Address: 225 Commissioners St., Toronto, ON M4M 0A1
Telephone Number: 647-837-3318
Fax Number: 647-837-3304
Producer Name:  J. Miles Dale, Guillermo Del Toro
Director Name: Andre Ovredal
Principal Cast:  TBC
Location Manager Name: Vince Nyuli
Assistant Location Manager Name:  Don Cornelius
Production Manager Name: Regina Robb
Camera start: 08/20/2018
Camera Wrap: 11/30/2018

Project Title: Star Trek: Discovery 02

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 13
Address: 401 – 225 Commissioners St, Toronto, ON M4M 0A1
Telephone Number: 647-837-3342
Fax Number:  647-837-3313
Producer Name: Thom Pretak
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs
Location Manager Name: Tim Owen
Production Manager Name: B.E. Sharp
Camera start: 04/16/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/20/2018

Project Title: Suits 08

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 16
Company Name: GEP Suits B Inc.
Address: 40 Carl Hall Road
Telephone Number: 416-398-6869
Fax Number:  416-398-0967
Producer Name: Mark Winemaker
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Katherine Heigl
Location Manager Name: Warner Strauss
Assistant Location Manager Name: James Wilson
Assistant Location Manager Name: James Blacker
Production Manager Name: Desmond Paes
Camera start: 04/04/2018
Camera Wrap: 11/23/2018

Project Title: The Expanse 04

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 10
Company Name: Expanding Universe Productions 4 Ltd.
Address: 30 Booth Ave., Suite 200 Toronto, ON M4M 2M2
Telephone Number: 416-462-9152
Fax Number: 416-462-3124
Producer Name: Manny Danelon
Director Name: TBD
Principal Cast: Steven Strait, Dominque Tipper, Wes Chatham, Cas Anvar
Location Manager Name: Judy Chui
Location Manager Name: Kris Gordon
Production Manager Name: Robin Reelis
Camera start: 09/05/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/21/2018

Project Title: The Handmaid’s Tale 03

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 13
Company Name: Gilead 3 Productions Inc.
Address: 777 Kipling Ave., Suite 301 Toronto, ON M8Z 5Z4
Telephone Number: 416-231-5468
Fax Number: 416-231-7681
Producer Name: Kim Todd
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: Elizabeth Moss, Anne Dowd, Joseph Fiennes
Location Manager Name: Anne Richardson
Location Manager Name: Mark Logan
Assistant Location Manager Name: Jeremy Pinard
Assistant Location Manager Name: Warner Strauss
Production Manager Name: Gina Fowler
Camera start: 10/15/2018
Camera Wrap: 05/17/2019

Project Title: The Hot Zone

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Mini-Series
Number of Episodes: 6
Company Name: Hot Zone Productions Ltd.
Address: 2250 Islington Ave. 2nd Floor Toronto, ON, M9W 3W4
Telephone Number: 416-749-1919
Fax Number: 416-749-3131
Producer Name: Lena Cordina
Director Name: Michael Uppendahl
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Andrew O’Sullivan
Location Manager Name: Fernando DaSilva
Assistant Location Manager Name: John Mendes
Production Manager Name: Chris Shaw
Camera start: 09/14/2018
Camera Wrap: 11/30/2018

Project Title: The October Faction

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 10
Company Name: High Park/October Faction Productions Inc.
Address: 20 Butterick Rd., Suite 5 Toronto, ON M8W 3Z8
Telephone Number: 647-484-8510
Producer Name: John Calvert
Director Name: Damian Kindler
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Dorigen Fode
Location Manager Name: John Rakich
Production Manager Name: Sandra Lim Lock
Camera start: 09/04/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/11/2018

Project Title: What We Do In The Shadows

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes:
Company Name: Shadows S1 Television Productions Inc.
Address: 777 Kipling Ave., Suite 104 Toronto, ON M8Z 5Z4
Telephone Number: 416-236-1544
Producer Name: Hartley Gorenstein
Director Name:  Various
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Drazen Baric
Production Manager Name: Stefan Steen
Camera start: 10/22/2018
Camera Wrap: 12/14/2018

Toronto sees another strong year for film, television and digital productions in 2017

In 2017, domestic and foreign film, television, digital and commercials production investments in Toronto achieved their second highest level ever at $1.8 billion, the third consecutive year that this important sector has contributed more than $1.5 billion to Toronto’s economy. These numbers and others were part of an annual report of this sector presented today to the Economic Development Committee.

“We’re proud of Toronto’s film and television industry and we want it to continue to grow,” said Mayor John Tory. “We will keep working with our industry partners so they have what they need to create jobs, attract talent and contribute to the economy. Whether the final product will be on the big screen, the small screen or streamed online, we want that production to be a made-in-Toronto production.”

Last year was outstanding for Toronto-based productions. The film The Shape of Water, shot in and around Toronto, received the most nominations for the Oscars and Golden Globes while The Handmaid’s Tale series was prominently acknowledged at the Primetime Emmy’s. The Toronto screen-based industry was also involved in the film productions of Molly’s Game, Downsizing and The Breadwinner, which also received international award nominations and acclaim. This year, anticipated productions such as the eighth season of Suits, Umbrella Academy and It: Chapter 2 will shoot across the city.

Some of the major highlights for 2017:

  • Domestic and international screen-based production investments exceeded the $1-billion mark for a seventh consecutive year.
  • The number of projects shooting in Toronto achieved the highest ever level, with 1,432 projects shooting in the city over 6,804 days of production.
  • Investment in commercials production continued to rise to record levels, growing to $392 million in 2017. Investment in this area has nearly doubled in the last four years from the $197 million recorded in 2014.
  • Domestic productions showed solid growth in 2017 after decreasing in 2016, moving from $429 million in 2016 to $477 million in 2017.
  • Television series, both foreign and domestic, continue to be the dominant type of production occurring in the city, accounting for 73 per cent of all major production investments.
  • Investment in animation and visual effects remains strong at $381 million in 2017. Since 2014, investment in this area has increased by 338 per cent (from $87.1 million).

Toronto’s On-Screen Industry: 2017 – The Year In Review

Los Angeles Business Mission 2018

Mayor John Tory and Councillor Michael Thompson (Ward 37 Scarborough Centre), Chair of the City’s Economic Development Committee joined a delegation of 23 Toronto companies and organizations in Los Angeles on April 19, 2018 to pitch industry leaders in streaming, television and film on the benefits of bringing productions to Toronto.

During the mission, Mayor Tory and the delegation met with established studios such as Warner, HBO, NBC Universal, Disney and Fox, as well as streaming services and original content producers such as Amazon Studios and Netflix.

Since the last mission to Los Angeles in January 2017, Toronto City Council unanimously adopted Spotlight on Toronto: A Strategic Action Plan for the Film, Television and Digital Media Industry. Updates on this strategic action plan will provide Los Angeles-based industry representatives a clear understanding of the City’s priorities in the sector including infrastructure capacity and opportunities, improvements to customer service and advocating with other levels of government.

The City is addressing infrastructure issues that will unlock growth potential for Toronto’s film industry. Existing studios such as Cinespace Film Studios and Pinewood Toronto Studios have announced plans for significant expansions. In late 2017, the City intervened to purchase the Showline Studios space to preserve it for film use and the City expects to identify an operator for that studio space very shortly. Additionally, the City has identified two sites – Basin Street and McCleary District – that it will tender with the specific intent of building more studio space and further anchoring the film and television industry in the Port Lands.

The Los Angeles business mission is a collaborative public and private sector initiative supported by Toronto’s community of screen-based service providers.

News Release: April 12, 2018 – Mayor Tory to pitch Toronto to streaming services, TV and film studios in Los Angeles

News Release: January 25, 2017 – City’s business mission to Los Angeles amplified Toronto’s profile as a premier production location

News Release: January 19, 2017 – Mayor Tory to build on Toronto’s $1-billion film and television industry with a business mission to Los Angeles