All terms used in this Procedure are as defined in the Acquisition Policy for the City of Toronto Archives.

Roles & Responsibilities

Archival Services staff will:

  1. Appraise proposed government retention schedules, and make recommendations concerning disposition. Re-appraise retention schedules, as required.
  2. Review Records Disposition Authorization (RDA) packages and Archival Records Transfer Authorization (ARTA) packages.
  3. Accession each acquisition of government records received through the disposition process.
  4. Place MFIPPA access restrictions on records as required.
  5. Securely destroy culled records.
  6. Meet with prospective donors of non-government records.
  7. Prepare an appraisal report if warranted by the size and complexity of the proposed donation.
  8. Prepare, as required, an Unsolicited Donation Form or a Deed of Gift acquisition agreement, or draft a Records Donation Agreement for review by Legal Services.
  9. Collect donor signature(s) for any acquisition agreement.
  10. Accession donations.
  11. Offer culled records back to donors, or securely destroy them.

The City Archivist will:

  1. Determine which government records warrant continued preservation as archival records. Such determinations will form the disposition rule in the retention schedule. (ยง 217-4D, City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 217, Records, Corporate (City)).
  2. Direct and approve collecting priorities.
  3. Execute Deed of Gift Acquisition Agreements.

The City Clerk (or designate) will:

  1. In accordance with applicable legislation, establish a framework of standards and policies relating to information and records management, including policies for the retention and disposal of City records, subject to approved retention periods, and the acquisition of records or collections from private sources by the City of Toronto Archives.
  2. Review and approve appraisal reports prepared by Archival Services staff.
  3. Execute Records Donation Agreements and Records Storage Agreements.

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