Bring your own laptop computer to the Archives and use the City of Toronto free wireless access to the internet

Wireless Card

  • Your laptop computer must be equipped with a wireless card in order to use the wireless internet access.

Staff Assistance

  • Staff will provide you with the user ID and password, which changes every day.
  • Staff will not provide assistance with problems you may have with your computer hardware or software.

Rules for Use of the Wireless Access

  • Please respect other researchers and do not display any picture of text that may harass, intimidate, threaten, embarrass, humiliate, degrade, or discriminate against any other person
  • Laptop computers or other personal devices must not be connected to any other computer, peripheral, or any other equipment in the Research Hall.
  • Please keep your computer sound off so that other researchers are not disturbed.

Computer Viruses

  • The City of Toronto is not responsible for any damage to your computer equipment, including any computer virus you may acquire while using the wireless access at the City of Toronto Archives.