Policy Statement

The City of Toronto provides employees with a paid leave of absence when there is a death of a family member.


This policy applies to all non-union employees


The city provides employees with four days paid leave of absence upon the death and funeral of any of the following family members:

  • spouse, including common-law or same-sex spouse
  • parents including step-parents
  • children including step-children
  • brother
  • sister
  • mother-in-law
  • father-in-law
  • sister-in-law
  • brother-in-law
  • son-in-law
  • daughter-in-law
  • grandparent
  • grandchild

Bereavement leave must be taken between the day of the death and seven calendar days following the funeral.

If the death of a family member occurs during an employee’s vacation, the employee will be granted bereavement leave with pay and the vacation credits will be restored.


Employees must inform their executive directors/general managers/division head or designate in writing, of the death and dates of bereavement leave.

Employees may be required to provide supporting documentation if requested.

Approved by

Senior Management Team

Date Approved

July 29, 1999

Update Pending

This policy is being reviewed and will be updated in accordance with changes to the Employment Standards Act, 2000. Questions related to this policy as a result of these changes can be emailed to hrpolicy@toronto.ca