Policy Statement

The city recognizes the need to support employees who require a leave of absence to take care of family obligations.


All employees listed below are eligible for Child Care and Elder Care Leave.

  • All Non-union employees
  • CUPE Local 416 employees
  • CUPE Local 79 employees
  • TPFFA Local 3888 employees


Employees may request a leave of absence to care for their children and elderly relatives for up to one year. This policy may also be applied to spouses.

Employees must submit a written request to their director/general manager/division head or designate and provide as much notice as possible. The city recognizes that in extenuating circumstances an employee may request this leave at very short notice.

Childcare or eldercare leaves are subject to the approval of the executive director/general manager/division head or designate.

An employee can request childcare leave as an extension of parental leave.

Requests for an extension beyond one year must be made in writing and are subject to the approval of the executive director or general manager/division head or designate.

An employee returning from childcare or eldercare leave will return to his/her former position or a suitable alternate position if available.

Salary & Benefits

This is a leave without pay and at no cost to the city. An employee has the option of discontinuing benefits or maintaining benefits coverage (in its entirety) at his/her own expense.

If an employee wants to maintain pension service credits he/she must pay both the employee’s and city’s pension contributions for the duration of the leave.

An employee does not earn service or vacation during the leave.

Approved by

Senior Management Team

Date Approved

July 29, 1999


October 18, 2012

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