Policy Statement

This document is intended to provide direction for development of the first aid/CPR program and related procedures.

Purpose and Application

This policy applies to all City of Toronto work locations and fleet vehicles.


Divisions are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient first aid workstations or first aid rooms at their facilities. They must also maintain stocked first aid kits at all times.

Managers/supervisors are responsible for ensuring that an appropriate number of personnel are trained in first aid/CPR at those facilities under their jurisdiction.

Employees holding valid first aid certificates may be assigned the responsibility of inspecting and maintaining first aid work stations and first aid kits in vehicles.

Ambulance Division staff will have the primary responsibility for providing City of Toronto employees with first aid/CPR training and maintaining training records. Compliance with requirements of Regulation 1101, made under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, will be monitored as part of corporate occupational health and safety audits.

Standard Procedures

The City of Toronto will provide recognized first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training to employees as specified by the requirements of Regulation 1101. The program will include training in safety awareness, injury and illness prevention, life saving concepts and the principles of emergency situations, as well as hazard recognition. The following are requirements of the first aid/CPR program:

  • The City of Toronto program standards will meet or exceed the minimum requirements of Regulation 1101.
  • Sufficient first aid stations and/or rooms will be provided so that injured employees receive immediate/ prompt treatment.
  • Adequately trained personnel will be available to provide first aid treatment.
  • All efforts will be made to minimize and stabilize personal injuries or illnesses, preventing them from becoming worse.


First Aid Regulation (O. Reg. 1101/2000), made under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act,

Approved by

Human Resources Directors

Date Approved

November 1, 1998

OHSCC Reviewed

April 26, 2016

Review Date

As legislation upon which policy is based is amended.