These guidelines apply at all City facilities and to all appliances that an employee may wish to bring into a City workplace in order to increase his/her comfort or enable food preparation. These guidelines are not intended to authorize such use but to establish conditions for use of an employee’s own appliances in City workplaces. It is understood that there are workplaces where use of employees’ personal appliances may not be permitted due to the potential to disrupt key work functions or because electrical capacity of a facility cannot support additional loading. Use of an employee’s personal appliances will also not be permitted if their use introduces a safety risk to other users or occupants of a facility.

Obtaining supervisory approval:

  • Employee must advise supervisor/manager prior to bringing any appliance into a City workplace and obtain permission for its use
  • If supervisor/manager has any questions or concerns regarding the equipment or whether the workplace can accommodate the increased electrical load, the location’s facilities staff (whether F&RE, divisional or landlord) should be contacted.
  • Any loss or damage to the appliance will not be covered by the City.

Standards for any equipment that is to be used:

Equipment must:

  • Be CSA or ULC approved
  • Be in good working order and state of repair (e.g. no frayed or taped wires, no alterations from original state)
  • Have current safety features

Standards for use of equipment:

Equipment must:

  • Be used only in a space suitable for its safe use
  • Be operated according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • If heat generating, not be left unattended
  • Not be used with extension cords except for temporary use
  • Be unplugged or shut down when not in use
  • Be labeled with the name of the owner

Certain types of appliances create greater hazards than others. These appliances must have operational safety features (e.g. heaters must be ceramic and have tip over protection; kettles must have automatic shutoffs; cooking appliances, if permitted at all, must have shut off timers)

It should be noted that facility operators may at any time establish a requirement for discontinued use of an appliance as a result of observed careless use of such appliances or negative outcomes from use of such appliances (e.g. odours or vermin as a result of use and care deficiencies, complaints by other employees who experience discomfort as a result of use of the appliances, setting of fire alarms, etc)

Approved by

Occupational Health and Safety Coordinating Committee

Date Approved

November 13, 2007

Reviewed by OHSCC

September 29, 2015