Policy Statement

The City of Toronto provides paid leave of absence for employees who are called to serve as jurors or witnesses in civil or criminal cases.


This policy applies to all non-union employees.


Employees must provide the summons or subpoena to their executive director/general manager/division head or designate, before attending court.

Employees must provide their executive director/general manager/division head or designate with a certificate showing the period of jury/witness service.

Salary & Benefits

Employees are paid their regular pay provided they submit any compensation received for jury or witness service to the city treasurer, unless this compensation is paid for days they are not scheduled to work.

Compensation received for travelling expenses and meal allowance does not have to be returned to the city.

All benefits continue during the leave.

An employee’s service is not affected by the leave. An employee’s vacation entitlement, and pension credit do not change.

Approved by

Senior Management Team

Date Approved

July 29, 1999