In order to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040, the City will need to invest in and accelerate emissions reduction in key areas. City buildings and vehicles are the two major sources of corporate emissions. Fleet Electrification and Modernization will expand the use of electric vehicles (EV) in City operations. Transitioning the City’s fleet to zero emission vehicles (ZEV) is a critical part of the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy and directly contributes to the City’s corporate strategic objectives: Tackle Climate Change and Build Resilience, Financial Sustainability, and A Well-Run City.

Fleet Services will present to Council an updated Sustainable City Fleets Plan in 2023.

Current Status

Achieving the City’s net-zero state will require significant capital investment in vehicles and infrastructure.

Transit-related infrastructure deployment led by TTC and public charging infrastructure deployment led by the Toronto Parking Authority would require additional investment. The expanded corporate charging station network is expected to have 350 charge ports available by the end of 2022, and 1,200 charge ports by 2025 at more than 100 city locations. The network will also enable the expansion of the City’s workplace charging program, and will be made accessible to the public, where feasible.

Background & Context

Between 2019 and 2021, City Council adopted a number of decisions including:

  • Declaring a Climate Emergency and Accelerating Toronto’s Climate Action Plan (MM10.3).
  • The Pathway to Sustainable City of Toronto Fleets (GL8.16), the City’s plan for addressing climate mitigation and adaptation through transitioning the City’s fleets to sustainable, climate resilient, low-carbon operations.
  • TransformTO – Critical Steps for Net Zero by 2040, including targets and actions (IE26.16). Fleet Services’ climate strategies and actions have been recognized as an example of effective local leadership on climate action.

To date, the City’s fleet has eliminated approximately 180 metric kilotons of greenhouse gas emissions, a 40 per cent reduction from 1990 levels.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for the City’s fleet are:

  • 45 per cent reduction by 2025
  • 65 per cent reduction by 2030
  • 20 per cent of the City-owned fleet is zero-emission by 2025
  • 50 per cent of the City-owned fleet is zero-emission by 2030
  • Net Zero by 2040

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Equity-deserving groups suffer disproportionately from the adverse effects of climate change, resulting in even greater inequities. A reduction in local greenhouse gas emissions can address climate change and improve our health and social equity. Sustainable City Fleets strategies and initiatives have the capacity to significantly contribute to improving short and long-term health and socio-economic conditions of these communities. These initiatives highlight Toronto’s positive transformative response to growing challenges of environmental sustainability and resilience, social equity, and just economic development.

Key Contact

David Jollimore
General Manager, Fleet Services, 416-392-8217