The Engineering & Construction Services Division provides specialized services such as engineering design, construction management, development engineering review and engineering and control surveying.

Chief Engineer & Executive Director

Jennifer Graham Harkness

Staff Directory

Business Units

Design & Construction consists of three sections:

  • Major Infrastructure
  • Linear Underground Infrastructure
  • Transportation Infrastructure

These sections plan, design and construct the renewal, upgrading and new municipal infrastructure for internal clients and external agencies across the city. The City infrastructure includes:

  • water, wastewater and stormwater storage, pumping and treatment facilities
  • solid waste facilities
  • trunk sewers and transmission mains
  • water distribution mains and local sewers
  • bridges, structures and expressways
  • local and major roads
  • streetcar ways

This section ensures that applications for land developments and third-party projects conform to City standards, policies, guidelines and procedures and that they can be serviced by existing infrastructure and where that is not possible, new or upgraded infrastructure is identified and provided. Other services include:

  • soil and groundwater quality assurance for developers
  • city-wide utility mapping

This section provides centralized support to Engineering & Construction Services’ business units, by providing information technology, developing improved standards and processes, delivering surveying and construction inspection services, and processing contracts, tenders and payments.