The Environment & Climate Division leads, coordinates and is accountable for the City’s environment and energy sustainability outcomes. With the goal of making Toronto one of the most sustainable cities in the world, the division facilitates the development and implementation of strategic community and corporate-wide environment and energy policies and programs.

Environment & Climate’s strategic plan is guided by four key objectives:

  • Energy conservation and demand management
  • Reducing emissions to the environment
  • Energy security and supply
  • Improving Toronto’s resilience

Environment & Climate contributes to Toronto’s overall sustainability by:

  • promoting environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and conservation within the City’s internal operations
  • developing and implementing environmental and energy policies, projects and programs that promote sustainable development and the growth of the green economy
  • providing research and policy expertise
  • establishing and leveraging partnerships with internal and external stakeholders
  • delivering tools and resources to engage Toronto residents and businesses in adopting sustainable lifestyles and business practices.

Executive Director

James Nowlan

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