Year 1

In 2016, the City of Toronto made new investments in poverty reduction initiatives, maintained investments made in the previous year, approved key policies, and expanded and improved essential services to vulnerable residents. Here are some examples of progress in this year:

Read the year 1 community report and learn about what we achieved in 2016 and where we are going in 2017.

Year 2

The 2017 Work Plan contained 91 initiatives. 47 initiatives are completed. 37 are being actioned: they are partially completed, in progress, or on going. Only three were deferred to 2018 and four were deemed not to be feasible after further assessment. Highlights include:

  • 1,500 new affordable rental homes, 700 new affordable ownership homes in development
  • Implementation plan for the reform of the TCHC approved
  • York Recreation Center added to the list of centers where programs are free
  • Youth programs in libraries and recreation centers expanded and improved
  • In July, Council approved the creation of 2,189 child care fee subsidies funded through
  • 162 spaces and 2,916 fee subsidies were added to the child care system
  • Student Nutrition Program strengthened and expanded, reaching nearly 180,000 students
  • Lived Experience Advisory Group launched
  • Equity Responsive Budgeting tool developed and rolled out

Read the 2017 Report to Community for more information.