Recognizing the significant policy, service and resource implications of Toronto’s growing senior population, the City of Toronto adopted and implemented the first and second Toronto Seniors Strategies.

The first and second Toronto Seniors Strategies advanced key City initiatives that supported the quality of life, social participation, access to services, and well-being of seniors in Toronto. These strategies focused on actions that fall within the City’s jurisdictional authority to plan, manage and deliver.

A plan to develop the third Toronto Seniors Strategy

The City of Toronto has an opportunity to develop a third Toronto Seniors Strategy that adapts and creates City programs, policies, and initiatives to better support aging in place, particularly for seniors who are Indigenous, Black, and who belong to equity-deserving groups.

Toronto’s senior population is growing, increasingly diverse with evolving priorities for aging in place. Aging in place describes the process of supporting healthy aging while allowing seniors to remain in the most appropriate setting, based on their needs and preferences. Seniors in Toronto are increasingly expressing a desire to age in place and will require various community and social supports to do so.

City Council adopted a staff report, (EC13.4) which outlines the City’s plan for a multi-modal community engagement process to enhance the City’s understanding of the priorities of seniors and older adults in Toronto. This process will be a key input into the development of the third Toronto Seniors Strategy.

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