The City of Toronto honours those who served their country with annual ceremonies on Remembrance Day and on other significant historical military occasions that are of importance to Toronto members of the Canadian Forces.

As Martin Maxwell, a Captain in the Glider Pilot Regiment, British 6th Airborne Division and D-Day Veteran stated:

“As I marched further on the cemetery, I came across something that I always carry with me. It simply said:  when you go home tell them of us and say for your tomorrows we gave our today. And today we remember.  We thank them for the tomorrows they gave us. And we also remember and thank those who fought and came, back but the passage of time has taken them away from us.”

Remembrance Week 2020

This year, commemorations will be virtual and available through the City’s website and social media. There will be no public gatherings on Remembrance Day in 2020. 

Past Commemorations

The City of Toronto has commemorated significant military anniversaries for Toronto-based regiments and military units.

Golden Book of Remembrance

The Golden Book of Remembrance pays tribute to the war dead from the Second World War. It contains the names of service people from Toronto who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Veteran Memories

The stories of Canadian veteran honorary speakers at D-Day commemorations over the years.