The City of Toronto honours those who served and gave their lives to their country with annual ceremonies on Remembrance Day and on other significant historical military occasions that are of importance to Toronto.

A Vigil Sentry takes part in a Remembrance Day Ceremony

Past & Future Commemorations

Learn about the City's past and future commemorations of significant military anniversaries and World Wars.

A member of the Royal Canadian Legion speaks at a Remembrance Day Ceremony

Veteran Memories

Explore stories of Canadian veterans from world wars and recent conflicts and those on the home front.

Eagle staff carried at the Presentation of Colours of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Toronto City Hall, August 2017

Indigenous Veterans Day

Learn about the contributions of Indigenous peoples to the Canadian Forces.

Cover page of the Great War Book of Remembrance that pays tribute to the fallen of Toronto.

The Books of Remembrance

The Books of Remembrance pay tribute to service people with a connection to Toronto who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Ceremony marking the end of the Second World War with flags planted marking each of the Toronto fallen, November 2020

How We Remember

Explore the rituals and customs associated with Remembrance.

A Remembrance Day Ceremony at Old City Hall

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Find out about City of Toronto Remembrance Day ceremonies, and how to participate.