Student Connect is a program that enables high school students to participate in the municipal election process by working at a voting place.

Student Connect is a program to connect students with their communities and provide youth a meaningful opportunity to participate in the democratic process by working in a voting place on election day.

The program provides students an opportunity to enhance the knowledge they have gained in the classroom and develop skills through practical work experience.

While each school determines which students will be offered the opportunity to participate in Student Connect, Election Services suggests considering students who are:

  • Conscientious, reliable and responsible
  • Active in the school or local community
  • Enrolled in civics, politics, or law classes
  • Considering a career in customer service, public service, political science or human resources

Participating students must also:

  • Be at least 16 years of age on election day
  • Be in good standing with their school
  • Obtain school approval to participate and parental approval if under the age of 18

Student Participation Numbers

We only require an estimate of the number of interested students when you register, but the actual numbers will not have to be finalized until September.

The important thing is to confirm your school’s participation.

Student Participation Benefits

Student Connect gives students the opportunity to gain work experience and be paid for their election day participation. It will provide them with insight into the democratic process and the important role it plays in our lives. It will also give students the opportunity to apply their learning and experiences in meaningful ways.

Tabulator Officer

  • Receive ballots from voters and feed completed ballots into a vote tabulator
  • Comfortable using electronic equipment
  • Have excellent customer service skills
  • Complete a training session
  • Pay: $235

Access Officer and Customer Service Officer

  • Assist with the opening and closing of the voting place
  • Greet and direct voters
  • Assist with various duties
  • Have excellent customer service skills
  • Complete a training session
  • Both positions pay: $235

As a facilitator, your first responsibility is to ensure your school is registered and indicate approximate number of participants.

In early September, application packages will be sent to participating schools for the facilitators to distribute to interested students. Once applications are completed, facilitators will:

  • Assign students to voting places, positions and training using the tools provided by Election Services
  • Complete the School Consent and For Office Use Only sections on the application form
  • Collect the forms and return them to Election Services

Your total time commitment will be approximately 20 hours over the course of the program.