In new developments or redevelopments, developers and builders will be required to either set aside a certain amount of land for parkland (parkland dedication) or alternatively they can pay cash-in-lieu of parkland dedication.

Parks Levy Fees as set out below are a percentage of the market value of the development lands. (The Real Estate Unit of Facilities & Real Estate does the appraisal to determine the market value and the fee payable. There is also a fee for the appraisal.)

Parkland Dedication requirements are identified in Section 3.2.3 of the City of Toronto’s Official Plan and enacted in Municipal Code Chapter 415 Article III and IV and By-law 1020-2010.

  • Parkland dedication requirements vary by type of development.
  • Residential Development = 5 per cent
  • Residential Alternative Rate =0.4 ha per 300 units*.
  • Non-Residential = 2 per cent
  • Industrial = Exempt.
  • Applicant incurs legal fees and land transfer taxes on all parkland dedications to the City.

*See Municipal Code Chapter 415 Article III and IV for alternative rate application.

See By-law 1020-2010  for 2 per cent and 5 per cent parkland dedication requirements and exemptions.

Parkland Dedication must be made prior to issuance of first above-grade permit or prior to Subdivision Registration or timing specified in an agreement.