Baycrest Park is located to the southeast of Highway 401 and the Allen Road expressway, adjacent Ranee Avenue and Varna Drive, and extends toward Neptune Drive. The City is in the process of improving the park with upgraded and additional amenities.

  • Fall 2021: Contractor prequalification
  • Spring 2022: Contract tender
  • Summer 2022: Construction starts
  • Winter 2023: Construction complete

This timeline is subject to change.

November 25, 2021

Contractor Prequalification

The evaluation team has assessed all of the submissions to the Contractor Prequalification using pre-determined, weighted criteria. Based on the results of the analysis, six contractors have been pre-qualified.

November 20, 2019

Public Design Meeting

The Project team presented residents with the refined masterplan concept (with and without the Varna Road extension) based on previous community comments, additional approved funding, and with recommended design refinements, as well as options for playground equipment. Residents provided feedback on the playground components for the Project Team to take into consideration when completing design refinements.

December 21, 2018

New Landscape Architect Hired

The Project team hired a new Landscape Architect to continue the project with the new scope of work. The new Landscape Architect will complete the first phase of work, limiting the amount spent on areas that would later be impacted by the Varna Road extension. This phase of work is expected to include a new washroom building requested by the community, as well as other site features that can now be included as a result of a budget increase.

August 24, 2018

Completion of Landscape Architect’s Work

The project budget was increased as a result of residents’ requests and a need for additional state of good repair work. As a result, the existing contract with the hired Landscape Architect no longer reflected the project’s scope of work. The contract was therefore completed, in favour of a new Request For Proposal process in the future.

June 11, 2018

Public Design Meeting

A public meeting was held at Lawrence Heights Community Centre. A refined design concept was presented that incorporated residents’ comments from the previous public meeting. In addition to these comments, City staff had identified the need for Varna Road to be extended from Ranee to Neptune in accordance with the approved Secondary Plan. Two plans, one with the Varna Road extension and the second without, were presented for additional feedback. Although residents wanted staff to include a washroom building, this could not be built within the existing budget.

February 6, 2018

Public Design Meeting

A public meeting was held at Baycrest Public School Gymnasium. Two design concepts were presented with residents identifying a preference and offering comments for improvements.

May 1, 2017

Landscape Architect Hired

The Project Team hired a Landscape Architect to complete a masterplan for the park and first phase of construction, including replacing the playground, upgrading the lighting, and improving the park entrances.

An overall master plan was completed to show possibilities for Baycrest Park. The initial approach was to complete a small portion of the master plan in a manner that would maximize available funds and allow future phases to be completed as funds became available. However, with overwhelming community support for a larger initial park project phase, additional funds were sourced and the budget was increased to include a washroom building to the scope of work.

Subject to further design refinement and cost, the current phase of redevelopment is anticipated to include much of the southern half of Baycrest Park. Anticipated work includes:

  • upgraded lighting
  • entry features
  • playground
  • washroom building
  • water play area
  • outdoor fitness
  • planting
  • walkways
  • seating areas
  • floral display garden

The City consulted with the public in the design of the park.

Project Renderings

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