The City is conducting a multi-phase community consultation process to develop a visioning plan for Blantyre Park. The community is asked to identify their needs and priorities for future improvements.

Project Timeline

  • Winter 2019: Blantyre Park vision public consultation
  • Summer 2021: Design consultant procurement
  • Fall 2022: Design development and public consultation

This timeline is subject to change.

Blantyre Park outdoor pool is slated for state-of-good-repair work. In light of this upcoming work and development projected along Kingston Road, staff have undertaken a community engagement process to develop a Park Vision for Blantyre Park. The Park Vision will become a framework to guide future investment. It will also become a planning and design tool to guide future park improvements.

The public engagement process is being led by the City of Toronto.

November 19, 2019

Public Consultation – Programming and Priorities

The second public meeting was held at Blantyre Public School, where the local Councillor was in attendance. City Staff presented a series of panels summarizing key takeaway points from previous consultations followed by a site analysis, potential new park programs, and facility-fit studies. The intent of the meeting was to initiate a conversation about park programming priorities and their implications on available park space.

August 9, 2019

Pop-up Consultation in the Park

Staff hosted a pop-up consultation event at Blantyre Park where the public provided further feedback regarding park use. Staff engaged with approximately 20 park users and observed how the park is used on a summer weekend.

May 23, 2019

Public Consultation – Information Gathering

The first public meeting was held at the Blantyre Public School. City Staff and the local Councillor were on-hand for an information-gathering meeting to discuss existing park use, residents’ likes and dislikes of the park, and identify challenges and opportunities for future improvements. More than 90 people attended the meeting and provided input.

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