The final report, with the master plan and implementation plan, for the park revitalization is available.

The David Crombie Park Revitalization Design project developed a comprehensive conceptual design and implementation plan for improvements to the park that respond to the current and future needs of the community. The design evolved through consultation with residents, stakeholders, Indigenous engagement and the public.

Project Timelines

  • Fall 2018 Phase 1: Detailed investigation and assessment of park conditions, with public consultation
  • Spring 2019 Phase 2: Preparation of a communications and consultation plan
  • Fall 2019 Phase 3: Revitalization design concept options with public consultation
  • Winter 2019 Phase 4: Final park revitalization design and recommendations for implementation, with public consultation
  • Winter 2020: Final Report complete for David Crombie Revitalization Design

Project Team and Participants

The David Crombie Park Revitalization Design is led by the City. Local community groups and the general public are important participants in the project.

Consultant Team

  • Project Lead and Landscape Architects – The Planning Partnership (David Leinster)
  • Public Consultation – The Planning Partnership (Donna Hinde)
  • Public Life Study – 8-80 Cities
  • Archaeology – ASI Heritage (David Robertson)
  • Play design – Earthscape
  • Civil – SCS Consulting Group Inc.
  • Electrical – DPM Energy
  • Mechanical – AEC Consultants Ltd


David Crombie Park is a 1.6 hectare (3.95 acres) linear park in east downtown Toronto that functions as the green spine of the St Lawrence Market Neighbourhood. David Crombie Park is situated within an area of cultural and heritage significance. It is located just south of the original footprint of Old Town Toronto.

The park was built in 1977 and is named after David Crombie, who, during his successive three terms as mayor of Toronto (1972-1978), had taken a leadership role in the redevelopment of the neighbourhood that surrounds the park.

David Crombie Park is a very well used and loved neighbourhood park. It also provides a popular green corridor promenade for tourists and residents to walk between the downtown core to neighbourhoods east of the park.

The park is located south of Front Street and is bounded by Lower Jarvis and Esplanade at its west end, and by Hahn Place and Scadding Avenue at its east end. Bordered by streets on almost all of the park edges, with consistent built street wall of six to eight stories, the park plan was designed as an integral component of the ground-breaking design of the mixed-income and mixed-use St. Lawrence Neighbourhood to maximize eyes on the park and provide an attractive green view to the many residents and commercial tenants facing the park.

May 2021

Final Report

Download the final report, master plan and implementation plan for the David Crombie Park Revitalization project.

February 2020

Draft Final Report

The draft final report, master plan and implementation is being developed by the project team. The final report is anticipated to be shared with the public in Spring 2021

September 26, 2019

Public Workshop 3

Participants learned more about the preferred concept plan, gave input and found out about the next steps.

April 2, 2019

Public Workshop 2

This was an exploration of design concepts for the revitalization of David Crombie Park. Each workshop session began with a presentation followed by table group discussions that allowed input on what was liked about the concepts, and what could be done differently.

November 29, 2018

Public Workshop 1

Both workshop sessions began with a presentation followed by table group discussions to provide input on what’s important, what you love about the park, what facilities or spaces are not working well, how you’d like to use the park, how you use the park now.

November 20, 2018

Public Kick-off Event

Attendees listened to a lively conversation on “Park + City Making”. Jane Farrow, author and former CBC broadcaster, facilitated a conversation with three inspiring experts. David Crombie, the mayor at the time St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood was conceived in the late 70s,  told us about the inspiration, big ideas and challenges of creating the neighbourhood and its integrated “green spine” park.  Renee Daoust, a Governor General award-winning Montreal architect and urban designer, shared her insights into what makes fantastic parks and streets, showcasing projects from around the world. Janie Romoff, the City of Toronto’s General Manager of Parks, Recreation and Forestry talked about exciting new directions for our City Parks and Public Realm. Together the panel focused on David Crombie Park’s past and future–lessons learned and opportunities for the revitalization. The conversation included questions and comments from the floor.

September 18, 2018

One-on-One Interviews

This was an opportunity for members of the public to share their ideas for the park. Interviews were approximately 20 minutes long and held at the St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre.

August 15 and 22, 2018

Public Life Study

The first round of the Public Life Study was completed on August 15 and August 22.

A Public Life Study was conducted to collect people data about the park. The study will help the team understand who uses the park, at what times, how people get there, and what they do once they’re there.

This data will help the team determine the people and activities that the park is already serving, and provide insight into the people and activities that are underrepresented in the park.

The Public Life Study will be conducted in the summer, fall and winter, making it a critical tool for developing an inclusive park design that is inviting at all times of the year.