Kidstown Water Park will be closed for the 2024 season. It is expected to reopen in 2025.

Kidstown Water Park is one of Toronto’s most popular outdoor water facilities for preschool and grade school children. The City is planning to update the existing equipment through state-of-good-repair improvements to provide a safer and more accessible experience for park users.

  • Fall 2020 to Early 2023: Design development and community engagement
  • Fall 2022 to Summer 2023: Detailed design and hire a construction team
  • Spring 2024: Construction starts, Kidstown Water Park closes
  • Summer 2025: Construction complete, Kidstown Water Park opens

The timeline is subject to change.

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Concept Plan for Kidstown

While we aim to provide fully accessible content, there is no text alternative available for some of the content on this site. If you require alternate formats or need assistance understanding our maps, drawings, or any other content, please contact Kaila Johnson at 416-338-0620.

A labeled concept plan for the Kidstown redesign, with number labels as described following the image..

  1. Entrance
  2. Washroom and staff building
  3. Lockers
  4. Open shower
  5. Change stalls
  6. Permit seating areas with long tables (e.g. for birthday parties)
  7. Indigenous Placekeeping elements*
  8. Spiral water slide
  9. Accessible lift into/out of pool
  10. Leisure pool (1.2 m maximum depth) with accessibility lift
  11. Wading pool with accessible ramp and beach entry (0.75 m maximum depth)
  12. Accessible ramp entrance
  13. Accessible path to lookout and waterslide
  14. Elevated hill-top lookout and top of waterfall feature, on existing hill
  15. Waterfall play area
  16. Hill waterslide
  17. Shade structures and pool-side seating
  18. Berm with seatwalls
  19. Water room
  20. Senior splash pad including bucket dump, custom spray toys, and other water play features
  21. Hill and water shooters
  22. Junior splash pad with custom spray toys
  23. Cognitive play areas
  24. Picnic area with seating and tables
  25. Picnic lawn area
  26. Expanded site area with naturalized perimeter
  27. Pool fence and gate
  28. Terraced seating
  29. Seating circle, including Indigenous Placekeeping elements*
  30. Paved waiting and line-up area
  31. Pick-up and drop-off zone
  32. Bus parking area
  33. Barrier-free parking (four spots)
  34. Accessible pedestrian connection
  35. Future parking lot expansion is possible south of this location.
  36. Screen featuring Indigenous Placekeeping designs
  37. To south parking entrance/exit
  38. North parking entrance/exit

*Indigenous Placekeeping: Kidstown is located near the site of a 14th-century Huron-Wendat village, known as the Alexandra Site, which was unearthed in an archaeological assessment in the year 2000. Evidence of 16 longhouses and several sweat lodges were found. The design team have been collaborating with the Huron-Wendat First Nation to reflect the history and culture of the Alexandra Site and Huron-Wendat First Nation throughout the redesign of Kidstown. Indigenous Placekeeping features are still to be confirmed through ongoing Indigenous engagement.

In this phase of community engagement process, the project was introduced and feedback was collected about Kidstown’s current uses, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the community’s ideas for the future redesign. This feedback resulted in the development of four design objectives that will guide the project:

  1. Create a fun destination water park for people of all ages and abilities.
  2. Provide a unique and immersive experience and refer to nearby ecology and Historic Huron-Wendat Village for inspiration.
  3. Enhance connections to L’Amoreaux Park and the surrounding community.
  4. Improve comfort and function for the whole family.

October 2020

Online Survey 1

From September 15 to October 12, an online survey collected feedback to inform the water park redesign.  The survey received a total of 417 responses, with 935 people contributing to these responses.

Download the survey summary.

September 2020

Virtual Public Meeting 1

On September 30, a virtual public meeting was held to provide community members with an overview of the project, an opportunity to meet the design team, ask questions, provide feedback on how the water park is used, and preferred priorities for the water park’s renovations. Seven members of the public attended.

Download the:

Community Resource Group (CRG) Meeting 1

On September 23,  the CRG met virtually for the first time. The CRG is a group of community members who meet regularly to provide detailed advice to inform Kidstown’s new design. The purpose of this first CRG meeting was to confirm how the water park is used and to identify overall goals and objectives to help establish priorities for the park’s renovations.

Download the CRG meeting summary, which includes an approved CRG Terms Of Reference.

In this phase of the community engagement process, draft design options for the water park, parking lot and change rooms were shared with the community for feedback.

December 2020

Online Survey 2

From December 1 to December 31, (extended from December 15), an online survey collected feedback on different design options for the water park, parking lot, and change rooms.  The survey received a total of 292 responses, with 530 people contributing to these responses. The survey was also available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. In total, 14 responses were collected in Traditional Chinese and nine in Simplified Chinese.

Download the survey summary.

Youth Design Jams

The project team held virtual design jams with students in grades two, three, four, five and six at St. Sylvester Elementary School, located nearby Kidstown. Students were introduced to the design team and shown slides of precedent images from other water parks. They were asked to offer input on what they liked and didn’t like and what they wanted to see in the Kidstown redesign.

Download the Youth Design Jam summary.

Public Meeting 2

On December 1, a virtual public meeting was held to present and collect feedback on multiple design concepts for the water park redesign.  The project team took questions and collected feedback to inform the development of one preferred design concept for the water park. Participants were directed to the online survey to provide additional feedback. Sixteen members of the public attended.

Download the:

November 2020

Community Resource Group (CRG) Meeting 2

On November 25, the CRG met for the second time. At this CRG meeting, members reviewed and provided feedback on the proposed design guidelines and objectives and three preliminary design concepts, all developed based on previous CRG and public feedback.

Download the meeting summary.

o In this final phase of the community engagement process, the proposed design was shared with the community for final comments and revisions. Visit the Design section to learn more.

January 2023

Online Survey 3

From December 14, 2022, to January 15, 2023, an online survey collected feedback on the proposed design for the water park. The survey was available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Download the survey summary.

Watch a two-minute flythrough video of the proposed design.

October 2022

Community Resource Group (CRG) Meeting 3

On October 27, the CRG met for the third and final time. At this CRG meeting, members reviewed and provided feedback on the proposed final design.

Download the meeting summary.

L’Amoreaux Kidstown is the City’s only owned and operated waterpark. It is the most popular outdoor aquatic facility in the City, enjoyed by kids and families from all across Toronto. It has come time to replace this iconic destination and revitalize its surroundings to ensure the water park is in good working order for many summers to come. The redesigned water park will be a dynamic, accessible, safe, and exciting space that will better serve existing and new park users.

The project may include the following:

  • Redesign and replacement of the water park/splash pad
  • Expanded parking and queueing areas
  • New and improved changing facilities and washrooms
  • Enhanced spaces for permit use
  • Shade structure(s)