A new 1849.8m2 park is coming to 1001-1037 The Queensway as a result of a mixed-use development project near Islington Avenue and The Queensway, in the Islington-City Centre West neighbourhood. The park design will be developed with the help of community and stakeholder feedback to meet the needs of the growing community.

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  • April 2022: Hire a design team
  • Fall 2022 to Early Winter 2024: Community engagement
  • 2024: Design development and detailed design
  • Spring 2025: Hire a construction team
  • Fall 2025: Construction starts
  • Summer 2026: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

Level of Engagement

This project has been classified as an Involve project based on the International Association of Public Participation Spectrum. This means we work directly with the public, stakeholders, and rightsholders throughout the design process to ensure that ideas and aspirations are understood and considered in the design process.

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In this phase of the community engagement process, the City worked with residents, local park staff and the Councillor’s office to define an overall vision for the new park.

The outcome of this phase is a vision for the new park and community ideas to inform design options.

Draft Vision Statement

The vision is co-created with the community to describe the ideal future park or facility. It is a big-picture statement that should inspire everyone toward a common understanding of the project’s overall goals and objectives.

Embracing nature and community, the new park at 1001 The Queensway will be a vibrant green oasis in the heart of Islington-City Centre West. This park will be designed with input from local residents and will be an accessible and inclusive space with lush native plantings, shade trees, and ecological buffers that enhance urban well-being and mitigate noise. Flexible, multi-use areas will support a range of activities from cultural events to quiet contemplation, fostering a strong sense of community among diverse groups. This park will not only serve as a peaceful green space from the urban environment but also as a space for recreation and relaxation, making it a key asset for the neighbourhood.

Community Engagement Meetings and Events

November 2022

Online Thought Exchange Activity

From October 31 to November 14, an interactive thought exchange activity collected visioning ideas for the new park design.

Download the November 2022 Online Thought Exchange Activity summary.

In this phase of the community engagement process, the project team used the outcomes of Community Engagement Phase 1 to create design options for community feedback. This feedback will be used to develop a preferred design for the park.

The outcome of this phase is the selection of a preferred design.

Draft Designs

Garden Theatre Option

Design layout of the Garden Theatre option. The plan shows an aerial view of various elements including 1) a Multi-Use Plaza, 2) Perennial Gardens, 3) Children's Play Equipment, 4) Lawn (sod), 5) Shade Structure, 6) Bench/Seating, 7) Seatwall, 8) Outdoor Worktables, and 9) Community Message Board. Each element is numbered and labeled on the design, which displays pathways and green spaces. The layout is bordered by The Queensway Street on one side, and it includes a scale of 0 to 20 meters for reference.

  1. Multi-use plaza
  2. Perennial gardens
  3. Children’s play equipment
  4. Lawn (sod)
  5. Shade structure
  6. Bench/seating
  7. Seatwall
  8. Outdoor worktables
  9. Community message board

Queensway Gardens Option

Aerial view of the Queensway Gardens Design Option featuring labeled components: 1) Multi-Use Plaza with decorative paving, 2) Shade Structure with worktables, 3) Perennial Gardens, 4) Community Message Board, 5) Children's Play Equipment, 6) Ping Pong Table, and 7) Bench/Seating. The layout is bordered by The Queensway Street to one side, showing a blend of paved areas, garden beds, and green spaces. A variety of trees are strategically placed throughout, with pathways connecting the different sections. The bottom of the image includes a scale marked 0 to 20 meters for reference and the logo of the City of Toronto.

  1. Multi-use plaza (decorative painting)
  2. Shade structure (with worktables)
  3. Perennial gardens
  4. Community message board
  5. Children’s play equipment
  6. Ping pong table
  7. Bench/seating

Community Engagement Meetings and Events

February 2024

Online Survey

From January 22 to February 11, an online survey collected feedback on the design options for the new park.

Download the February 2024 survey summary.

Virtual Workshop

On February 1, a virtual workshop took place where community members provided feedback on the design options for the new park.

In this phase of the community engagement process, the City will share the preferred design with the community on this page.  The project will then move into the detailed design phase, where the design team will finalize the preferred design by working through the technical details and plans for the construction contractor.

Public art will be integrated into the new park as part of a separate process. Infromation will be shared as soon as it is available.

Preferred Design

The Garden Theatre Option was the preferred design based on feedback collected in Community Engagement Phase 2. The following changes were integrated into the preferred design based on community feedback:

  • A walking loop that can be used for exercise was added.
  • A ping pong table was added below the shade structure to the south.
  • Bench seating around the playground was added.
  • A nest swing was added to the playground.

The Preferred Design includes multiple labeled features. 1) Multi-Use Plaza is a central round area with a patterned surface, 2) Pollinator Gardens consist of small, circular areas with plantings, 3) Children’s Play Equipment is indicated near the bottom, 4) a Lawn (Sod) area is shown as a large green space, 5) a Shade Structure is positioned over part of the plaza, 6) Bench/Seating are scattered throughout, 7) a Seatwall curves around the lawn, 8) an Outdoor Worktable is located near the play equipment, 9) a Ping Pong Table is present, and 10) a Community Message Board is on the edge near The Queensway Street. The area is surrounded by a mix of paved paths and green spaces, with numerous trees illustrated for shade and aesthetic purposes.

  1. Multi-use plaza
  2. Pollinator gardens
  3. Children’s play equipment
  4. Lawn (sod)
  5. Shade structure
  6. Bench/seating
  7. Seatwall
  8. Table with chairs
  9. Ping pong table
  10. Community message board

A map showing the location of the new park at 1001-1037 The Queensway, circled in red. The park is located on south side of The Queensway, just west of Islington Avenue.