Visit the Project Updates section for the most recent survey results. The project team will be returning to the community for a final round of consultation in summer 2022.

A new park is coming to 300 The East Mall! The City is engaging the community to help design a park that meets the needs of the community.

Project Timeline

  • September 2021: Hire a design team
  • September 2021 to April 2022: Community engagement and design development
  • April to December 2022: Detailed design
  • Spring 2023: Construction starts
  • Spring 2024: Construction complete, park opens

The timeline is subject to change.

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Phase 1: Proposed Design

In winter 2022, the City collected feedback on the proposed design for the new park, including park amenities and features, to help inform the development of a preferred design. Feedback was collected through a virtual community meeting and an online survey.

Download the What We Heard (Phase 1) report to review the community feedback received.

February 2022

Online Survey

From February 7 to February 27, 2022, feedback on the proposed design for the new park was collected in an online survey. The survey received 1,400 responses, which included feedback from 2,765 participants of various ages.

  • A majority of respondents (81 per cent) live between 500 metres to 3 km from the park location.
  • Half of respondents (49 per cent) were satisfied with the proposed layout.
  • A majority of respondents (64 per cent) felt that there was the right balance between paved surfaces and green space in the proposed design.
Virtual Community Meeting

On February 7, 2022, City staff and the local Councillor’s Office hosted a virtual community meeting to share the proposed design for the new park. Community members were invited to learn more about the project, see the concept design and site furniture options for the new park, and share their questions and thoughts through a virtual question-and-answer session. 15 community members attended, as well as the local Councillor.

Download the meeting presentation.

A new park is coming to 300 The East Mall in Etobicoke as part of a new mixed-use development. The new 2,040 m2 park will be located at the corner of Bloor Street West and The East Mall, east of Highway 427. The project is funded by the developer and the design will be led by Ferris and Associates Inc. The City will coordinate and oversee the design.

The design of the new park will evolve through consultation with stakeholders and the community to achieve design excellence and meet the growing needs of the community.

The new park may include:

  • A small playground
  • An outdoor fitness area
  • A central plaza with a splash pad
  • Seating areas
  • A walking path
  • New plantings