A new 2,756m2 park is coming to 4000 Eglinton Ave. W. as part of a mixed-use development project near Eglinton Avenue West and Royal York Road, in the Humber Heights-Westmount neighbourhood. The park design will be developed with the help of community and stakeholder feedback in order to meet the needs of the growing community.

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  • April 2022: Hire a design team
  • Fall 2022 to Winter 2023: Community engagement
  • 2024: Design development and detailed design
  • Late Fall 2024: Hire a construction team
  • Late Winter 2024: Construction starts
  • Summer 2025: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

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The design (called the preferred park design during community engagement) draws park users and visitors through a clearly signed and coloured pedestrian pathway threading through the park with primary amenities dotted alongside the pathway.

The design includes a spectrum of park amenities including:

  • Play for all ages and abilities with dedicated play features including a playground, a fitness area and a game area with ping pong tables.
  • A central pavilion that provides a base for sitting, relaxing and supervising young ones while offering a respite in adverse weather conditions.
  • An interactive water feature that allows park users and visitors to see, hear and play with water.
  • A large, open, relatively flat lawn for pick-up games, lounging and relaxing and small group gatherings.
  • Seating of various types such as café style tables, benches and lounge chairs.
  • Trees and plantings that provide shade, spatial definition, interest and colour throughout the seasons.
Preferred concept plan showing the park design. A walking path is proposed on the west side of the park, there is a centrally located plaza with shade structure and interactive water feature, to the east of the plaza is a fitness area and playground with equipment. Planting is integrated throughout, and pathways connect to all programming elements.
Items numbered on this map are described in the key features section following the image.

Key Features

  1. Arrival plaza with café style seating and umbrellas
  2. Shade pavilion and game area
  3. Fitness area with stationary equipment
  4. Playground with combined senior and junior play equipment
  5. Seating area
  6. Interactive water feature
  7. Leisure chairs and Kwanzan cherry trees
  8. Fescue grasses
  9. Main pathway (coloured concrete)
  10. Secondary pathway (concrete)
  11. Ribbon pathway (coloured concrete)
  12. Park entrance sign
  13. Benches spread out along pathways
  14. Playground fence to ensure safety and separation from the street

Lighting is shown with a yellow circle, power source is shown with an orange circle, water bottle filler is shown with a blue circle and water chamber is shown with a red rectangle.

A rendering of the central pavilion. Surrounding the interactive water feature are proposed benches and chairs with trees to provide shading. The background shows the proposed fitness area.
Central pavilion that proposes to include a metal shade structure with seating and a ping pong table below. Fronting the shade structure is an interactive water feature with geysers that send jets of water and steam into the air to allow for park users of all ages to see, hear and play with water.
A rendering of the playground area and the associated equipment, with the connective walking paths. The image also shows the proposed fitness area, tree planting and seating areas facing the playground space for parents.
Playground area.

June 2023

Online Survey

From June 1 to 18, 2023, the project team conducted a survey to collect feedback on the preferred design option for the new park, which was developed based on feedback from a survey conducted in October 2022. The survey received 246 responses. Overall, the preferred design option was well received by community members and feedback collected will shape the final design as it moves into detailed design and then construction.

Overall satisfaction with the preferred design option – 85 per cent liked the preferred design.

Play area and fitness features:

  • 71 per cent liked the proposed playground a lot or a little
  • 58 per cent liked the proposed fitness equipment a lot or a little
  • 68 per cent liked the proposed game table a lot or a little
  • Additional feedback included: provide a fence or barrier between the play areas and the street.

Central pavilion and interactive water feature:

  • 79 per cent liked the proposed features a lot or a little
  • Additional feedback included:
    • Ensure the water feature is accessible for kids to play similar to a splash pad
    • Ensure the central pavilion provides adequate shading for the summer months

Flexible lawn area:

  • 89 per cent liked the proposed lawn area a lot or a little
  • Additional feedback included: provide lounge chairs in singles, doubles or threes to accommodate a variety of park users

Seating area:

  • 88 per cent liked the proposed seating a lot or a little
  • Additional feedback included: ensure each area has accessible benches with backs

October 2022

Online Survey

From October 13 to October 31, 2022, the project team conducted a survey to collect community feedback on two design options for the new park. The survey received 441 responses. Design Option B was the preferred design and will inform the development of a preferred design.

Download the summary report.

Virtual Public Meeting 1

On October 13, 2022, the project team shared design options for the new park. Participants shared their preferences for the new park layout and features. The feedback will help inform the development of a preferred design.

A map showing the location of the new park at 4000 Eglinton West, circled in red. The new park will be located on Eglinton Avenue West, near Royal York Road and across from Buttonwood Park.