The final concept design for the new park coming to Brimorton Drive is available in the project updates section.

A new park is coming to the Scarborough-Guildwood neighbourhood! The City will be engaging local residents and community members to determine a new site-appropriate park that meets the needs of the community.

Project Timeline

  • Spring to Summer 2021: Design development and community engagement
  • Spring 2023: Phase 1 construction begins
  • Fall 2023: Phase 1 construction complete
  • Spring to Fall 2026: Phase 2 Construction

The timeline is subject to change.

An aerial overview showing the location of the new park. The park is indicated by a green box located at the south-east corner Brimorton Drive and Meadowglen Place. The major road that is parallel to the park is Markham Road.

As part of the new residential development on Brimorton Drive, the developer is dedicating 2024 m2 of land to the City of Toronto for a neighbourhood park.

The City is working with the developer on the design and construction of the new park. The park will be located at the southeast corner of Brimorton Drive and Meadowglen Place and will provide various new amenities that will complement existing parks in the surrounding neighbourhood. The new park will include:

  • Seating and gathering area
  • Shade structure
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • A children’s play area
  • Large open lawn space
  • Ornamental tree plantings
  • Pathway connections

Phase 1

In this phase, construction will focus on the shade structure, children’s playground, seating and gathering area and open lawn space. Environmental remediation to remove any contaminated soil related to prior land use will also occur, including drainage channels. This phase is anticipated to be complete in summer 2023.

Phase 2

In this phase, construction will include the adult fitness area, including the installation of fitness equipment. This phase is anticipated to be complete in fall 2026.

May 2021

Final Concept Design

Based on community and stakeholder feedback, a final concept design has been developed for this new park.The image shows an aerial overview of the new park's revised concept design, which includes an adult fitness area, a playground space, a shade structure, an ornamental flowering tree cluster, open lawn, seating and bike racks, and decorative flowering and tree plantings.

The revised concept for this park includes:

  • A decorative fence added to the south side of the park along Brimorton Drive
  • A bridge connection added to the south side, to help create an appropriate pedestrian crossing
  • A fence added to the west side, to help separate the park and the private road

The new park will also include:

  • Adult outdoor fitness area (rubberized area)
  • Playground (rubberized surface)
  • Porous pavement/paving blocks
  • A shade structure
  • Seating
  • Bike racks
  • Decorative flowers and tree area
  • Open lawn area
  • Bioswale/drainage channels with vegetation and mulch

April 2021

Online Survey

Input on the concept design for the new park was collected in an online survey from April 9 to April 25, 2021. The survey received a total of 121 responses. A majority of respondents were satisfied with the proposed concept design, including park amenities, features and layout:

  • 45% of respondents were Very Satisfied
  • 51% of respondents were Satisfied
  • 4% of respondents were Dissatisfied

Download the survey results.

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