The City is replacing the bridge located near the washroom building in Wilket Creek Park and repairing the adjacent retaining wall. These improvements are to ensure the bridge is safe for the community and emergency vehicles. From September 2025 to March 2026, the bridge will close for construction and vehicles will not be able to access the park. Washrooms near the bridge will be open to the public.

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  • March 2024: Hire a design team
  • April to September 2024: Design development
  • November 2024: Detailed design
  • January to July 2025: Hire a construction team
  • September 2025: Construction starts, bridge closes
  • March 2026: Construction complete, bridge reopens

The timeline is subject to change.

April 2024

The project team is in the process of hiring a design team.

A map showing the bridge in Wilket Creek Park with a do not enter icon over it and a temporary access point for emergency vehicles only at the north of the park from Suncrest Drive.