On December 16, 2020, City Council adopted Official Plan Amendment No. 482 (Protected Major Transit Station Areas) and endorsed Official Plan Amendment 483 (Keele Finch Secondary Plan). Official Plan Amendment No. 482 is before the Province for consultation and approval.

Keele Finch Plus is a City of Toronto Study about planning for the future of the area and how to best leverage investment in subway and light rail transit (LRT) for the benefit of the community and city. The goal is to develop a planning framework to encourage the right kinds of growth and investment in the area and direct investments into broader community improvements.

Grayscale photo of Keele Street and Finch Ave in 1955, with dirt roads and historical properties
Keele & Finch in 1955


Photo of Finch Ave facing East with traffic heading west, with sidewalks and a mid-rise office building with retail on the ground floor.
Keele & Finch in 2015
Photo of generic artist's rendition of a street with mid-rise sized buildings lining both sides, along with street trees and wider sidewalks. Is this what Keele and Finch will look like in 2045?
Keele & Finch in 2045?


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