This page includes studies and City Staff Reports, which will be added as they are completed. 

November 2016 – Phase 1 – Study Initiation

In May 2016, City Planning launched the Keele Finch Plus Study. This Staff Report provides a summary of Phase 1 of the Study. The Report includes discussion of the context and area from a location and policy perspective. It also covers taking stock of the area, including three technical analyses: environmental related to nearby industry, aviation related to Downsview Airport (the Keele Street and Finch Avenue West intersection is under the flight path) and a transportation conditions review. Results and input from public consultation is a key consideration as well. All together, results of public input, technical analyses and research have resulted in findings and emerging issues to guide Phase 2 of the Study. Read about it in the Staff Report and Attachments below.

This diagram shows the Phase 1 Structure concept. The diagram depicts three 'threads' of Public Input, Research and Technical Assessment being tied together into something stronger (and leading toward Phase 2).


Council Decision

Staff Report

Consultant Study: Downsview Airport Needs Assessment Report

The appendices for this report are drawings of the Obstacle Limitation Surface using TP 312 version 4 and version 5, which are Transport Canada Standards and Practices for the operation of Aerodromes (i.e. airports). The technology to convert the maps on this page to an accessible format is not currently available. These maps may not be compatible with screen reader software. If you are unable to access these maps, please contact Matt Armstrong, City Planning at 416-392-3521 or Version 4 Plot A, Plot B. Version 5 Plot A, Plot B.

Consultant Study: Existing Environmental Conditions Report

City Planning, Transportation Planning Study: Existing Transportation Conditions


December 2015 – Planning Approach

Finch Avenue West & Sheppard Avenue East – Planning Approach

This Staff Report and the related Council Decision provided the direction to begin a planning study around the Finch Avenue West and Keele Street area. The decision to begin here was informed by the existing planning framework, social equity, city building objectives, and market potential. Read the Staff Report or visit the related website for more information.