The Midtown Parks and Public Realm Plan (PPR Plan, 2018) sets out a comprehensive vision for an expanded, connected and improved parks and public realm system across Midtown. The phased delivery of this system is addressed in the Midtown Infrastructure Implementation Strategy (2022), and complementary Public Realm Implementation Strategy (2022).

Public Realm Moves

The Public Realm Implementation Strategy has been developed to realize a long term vision for the provision of high quality streetscapes and open spaces as outlined in the Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan, to create a vibrant, active, resilient and connected public realm. This document addresses the public realm strategies outlined in the PPR Plan and related parks initiatives, providing a detailed road map for their planning and implementation through development and/or capital projects over the short, medium and long term.

The Eglinton Green Line is one of the Public Realm Moves showcased in the Midtown Parks and Public Realm Plan. It will provide a linear and landscaped promenade connecting eight blocks along Eglinton Avenue, from Eglinton Park to the upcoming Mount Pleasant Station. The Eglinton Green Line Landscape and Public Realm Standards was adopted by City Council in July 2021.

An image showing a map and a list of the eleven Midtown Public Realm Moves. The Yonge Street and Mount Pleasant Arboretum are highlighted as being advanced by Transportation Services, and the remaining nine will be led by City Planning.

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