A Secondary Plan is under development for the fast-growing Bloor-Yorkville area that will build upon the Downtown Plan with context-specific policies to guide growth and change, with a focus on the public realm and built form.


TOcore is about planning for the future of Toronto’s Downtown. The Downtown Plan is a 25-year vision that sets the direction for the city centre as the cultural, civic, retail and economic heart of Toronto and as a great place to live. The Downtown Plan provides a blueprint to manage growth, sustain liveability, achieve complete communities and ensure there is space for the economy to grow. A series of five infrastructure-related strategies are guiding implementation. These strategies cover community facilities, parks and public realm, mobility, energy and water. On June 5, 2019, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued a Notice of Decision approving Official Plan Amendment No. 406 (the Downtown Plan) with 224 modifications. The Minister’s approval is final and not subject to appeal. The In-Force Downtown Plan  incorporates the modifications. There is also a redline version  which shows the Minister’s modifications. The Decision also revised Section 2.2.1  of the Official Plan, amended Map 6  and added a new Map 6A .  A summary and analysis of the modifications and their impact is also available. Official Plan Amendment 524, delineating 16 Protected Major Transit Station Areas (PMTSAs) in the Downtown and which would allow for the application of Inclusionary Zoning Policy, is now before the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing for consideration and approval.


See the study area boundary, phasing, and summary of the TOcore project.

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