Our proposed Downtown Plan is now available for review. Tell us what you think! You can provide feedback via email, by attending our Open House on December 2, by completing our survey, or by commenting on our Social Pinpoint page!

Downtown is a vibrant and complex place. It’s full of tall buildings, neighbourhood spaces (like libraries and community centres), and many jobs and homes. It’s also made up of the spaces between buildings, spaces like streets, parks, sidewalks, and squares. Downtown is where Toronto gathers—a place to stroll, shop, eat, take in the scene, be entertained, or enjoy our amazing public places. Then there are the things we sometimes take for granted, like the pipes that carry our water and wires that bring us power. All of these things work together to make Downtown the place it is today.

As Downtown continues to grow, we need a new plan to help shape its future. This is the moment to determine the bold policy changes and transformative infrastructure moves needed to ensure Downtown continues on a path towards a more liveable, connected, propserous, resilient and responsible future.