Planning for Many Perspectives

When we think about how to best guide the future of Downtown, it’s important that we consider the diversity of people that live, work, learn, play and invest in the core.

In fact, it’s the City’s job to ensure our public spaces, public services, and public policies meet a wide range of needs. So, to help us think through and understand these needs, we’ve created a set of profiles that reflect a mix of people that we know live in Toronto. Some live Downtown, some visit, some work in the core and some avoid it. We’re calling them the TOcore Avatars.

The TOCore Avatars are not based on real people:

They are based on demographic data from the census and elsewhere, with stories that we created to help explain how they relate to downtown. Any similarities to real people are entirely coincidental. A similar initiative came out of New York, inspired in turn by a very common practice in the business community. Businesses create customer profiles all the time to ensure they are thinking about the needs of their customers, like when they are designing new products. This is the same thing, but we’re taking our Avatars one step further and making them public. Why are we doing that? For two reasons:

  • To help us all better understand the great diversity that exists in Toronto and the many relationships that people have with our Downtown; and
  • To help Torontonians reflect on their own experience of Downtown, and then to share it with us. Is your experience similar to any of the Avatars’? Is it different? In what ways?

This feedback is critical to ensuring that our vision and strategies are based on how Torontonians experience Downtown today and what they aspire to see in our Downtown of the future. So, without further ado, meet our TOcore Avatars. Then, when you’re done getting acquainted, share your story.

Have more questions about the Avatars? Read our frequently asked questions.