Tell Us How We Are Doing

Toronto Early Learning & Child Care Services (TELCCS) is committed to ensuring that all customer service contacts are responded to in a courteous, fair and timely manner and will take appropriate action, as required. We adhere to the following principles when dealing with a customer service contact.

  • Everyone has the right to request service or complain about public services.
  • All customers need to know that their requests are heard, understood and respected.
  • We support participation for persons with disabilities, considering their needs and expectation of equity, dignity, integration and independence.
  • Customers are expected to provide their requests and complaints in a respectful manner. Verbal abuse, verbal threats, racist statements, etc. will not be tolerated.

City employees are committed to serving the residents of the City of Toronto with professionalism and integrity. Feedback is an important step in our endeavor to continually improve our service delivery to you.

We track both Customer Service Complaints and Customer Service Compliments.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction related to a Toronto Children’s Services program, service or staff member where you believe that the City or it’s staff has not provided a service experience to your satisfaction at the point of service delivery.

What is a Compliment?

A compliment is an expression of approval or appreciation for a service, staff member, program or process from you.

How can you make a compliment or complaint?

If you have a concern or complaint concerning your child’s care we encourage you to speak to the Supervisor of your child’s program directly.

  • If your child attends a TELCCS centre, contact your Centre Supervisor.
  • If your child is in Toronto Home Child Care (THCC), contact your Home Visitor or the
    Toronto Home Child Care Supervisor:
    118 Finch Ave W, Unit 4, Toronto ON  M3J 3J4
    phone 416-392-3326 | fax 416-392-3450  | email

If you feel your concern or complaint has not been addressed or resolved to your satisfaction or you prefer to speak to someone else you may contact the Program Manager whose name and contact information is posted on the parent bulletin board in the centre or in the provider’s home.

What can you do if you do not agree with the resolution to your complaint?

You can contact our TELCCS Head Office:

What can you expect when you make a complaint?

Complaints are reviewed promptly and every effort is made to resolve them as quickly as possible. We monitor complaints and use them to assess and improve the quality of service we are able to provide to you.

  • Each complaint is considered on its own merit.
  • Complaints will be treated confidentially and steps will be taken to help protect a complainant’s privacy.
  • Complaint investigations are fair, impartial and respectful to parties involved.
  • You will be kept informed about what is happening and why it is happening.
  • You will be contacted when your complaint is escalated.
  • You will be advised of your option to escalate your complaint if you are dissatisfied with treatment or outcome.
  • You will be informed when a decision is made and provided with an explanation for the decision.
  • We will respond to your initial complaint within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Complaints involving staff conduct will be investigated and you will be informed when it is resolved, however no disciplinary information can be shared.
  • All written complaints will be responded to in writing.
  • While there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure fairness for all concerned, there can be unavoidable delays, however we will treat each case in a prompt and thorough manner.
  • If you are making a verbal complaint, you may be asked to put your complaint in writing, especially if it involves a serious or complex matter.

If a parent or guardian expresses concerns that a child is being abused or neglected while in care, the parent will be advised by the TELCCS employee to contact the local Children’s Aid Society (CAS) directly.

Any concern or complaint made by a parent or visitor that suggests an allegation of abuse will be reported to a local Children’s Aid Society by the TELCCS employee who received the complaint.