adult holding and looking at baby
Watch your baby for early feeding cues.
adult holding baby and feeding in upright position
Always hold your baby close and in an upright position.
adult holding and waiting baby open mouth
Wait for your baby to open her mouth. Tip bottle slightly so there is no air in the nipple.
adult feeding baby with bottle
Watch your baby feed. Your baby should look relaxed. Do not rush the feed.
adult burping baby over shoulder
Burp your baby as needed. Stop feeding when your baby shows signs of being full.
pouring bottle leftover in the drain
Throw away what your baby does not drink within 2 hours.

Your baby:

  • makes sucking or soft sounds
  • puts her hands in her mouth
  • has more body movements
  • makes sucking or licking movements with her mouth

When your baby is showing these early hunger cues and is still calm, it is time to feed your baby. Do not wait until your baby is too hungry and crying.

Your baby:

  • looks sleepy and calm
  • lets go of the nipple
  • closes his mouth
  • turns away from the bottle
  • may still have small sucking movements, this is a reflex and does not mean your baby is hungry

If you see signs your baby is full, stop feeding. Do not put your baby to bed with a bottle. Holding your baby skin to skin before and after feeding is a great way to bond with each other.