three bottles of breastmilk with label
Check the date on the stored breast milk. Use the container with the earliest date first.
bottle of breast milk in the fridge
Thaw frozen breast milk by leaving it in the refrigerator for 4 – 24 hours or
bottle of breast milk under running water
Place container under cool running water. Once it has begun to thaw, run warm water to finish thawing.


cross sign and bottle of breast milk on counter top
Never thaw at room temperature.
bottle of breastmilk inside of a cup of hot water
Warm breast milk by placing the container in a bowl of very warm water for no more than 15 minutes.
cross sign to microwave and stove
Do not thaw or heat breast milk on the stove or in the microwave. Do not refreeze breast milk once it has thawed.


Feeding Tips

  • Shake warmed breast milk well. Check the temperature on your wrist. Let cool if too hot.
  • Hold your baby close in an upright position.
  • Make feedings an enjoyable time for you and your baby. Talk to your baby and give lots of smiles.
  • Watch your baby swallow. Allow baby to rest.
  • Burp your baby as needed. Stop feeding your baby when baby shows signs of being full.
  • Throw away what your baby does not drink.
  • Do not put your baby to bed with a bottle.

If you have questions about breastfeeding, visit a free breastfeeding clinic and/or call and ask to speak with a Public Health Nurse at 416-338-7600.