Pregnant women have different needs. This section will provide you with information to help you:

  • Find prenatal programs/services
  • Learn about your prenatal care
  • Cope with changes during pregnancy
  • Look after yourself

Prenatal Program

Toronto Public Health offers an online as well as a number of individual and group based prenatal programs.

Prenatal Health Care

Information about things you may want to consider as you get care from your health care provider.

Your Pregnant Body

Know what to expect and how to cope with changes for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Staying Healthy

Information about how to take care of yourself and stay as healthy as possible during your pregnancy.

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Information about healthy eating during pregnancy.

Emotional Health

It is normal to experience different feelings during your pregnancy. Learn about how you can feel better.

Preterm Labour

Signs and symptoms of preterm labour and what to do if you think you are going into labour early.