New 24-hour respite sites are being created in response to high occupancy in the permanent shelter system and the growing need for homelessness services. Available 24/7, sites accept pets, provide a safe place to rest, get a meal, and find service referrals. All sites welcome people who are transgender or gender non-binary. Lower barriers to service make respite sites more accessible, especially to those who are vulnerable and who may not otherwise access conventional shelter services. 24-hour respite sites act as points of entry for clients to get into our system and take their first steps to finding permanent housing. Shelters in comparison, require commitments from clients, such as obligations to work with a case manager on a housing plan, or employment strategy.

Our existing shelter system is near capacity and more service is required to make sure that there is sufficient space for everyone who needs it. The City must act now to ensure we can provide all people who need it with a warm/cool, dry place to sleep and programs to help them out. The City has a plan to add 1,000 new shelter beds by 2020.

24-hour respite sites have been operating since fall 2017. Visit Homeless Help for a complete list of locations. Additional information about the structures is available in a Media Backgrounder.

New Locations

To provide high-quality, accessible respite services in 2018/2019, City staff have secured three 24-hour respite site Sprung structures, with an option for a fourth. These can be operational in locations across the City as part of the 2018/2019 Winter Respite Plan. The temporary respites will be provided by Sprung and built by BLT Construction Services.

Each of these new 24-hour respite sites will have a Community and Client Engagement coordinator who will be responsible for proactively responding to and addressing local concerns. Residents are encouraged to contact their respective coordinator for any operational issues relating to their immediate 24-hour respite site.

69 Fraser Avenue (formerly 1155 King Street West) – Parking lot at Lamport Stadium

Opening date: 69 Fraser Avenue is currently operating
Operator: St. Felix
Community and Client Engagement Coordinator: 
Victoria Bowman
Phone: 416-203-1624
Fast Facts69 Fraser Avenue FAQ

Parking update at Lamport Stadium lot


The City’s Transportation Services Division and the Toronto Parking Authority brought forth a report to amend existing parking by-laws to the Toronto and East York Community Council session on January 15, 2019. The report was adopted with about 60 additional pay-and-display street parking spaces expected to be added on both Fraser Avenue and Jefferson Avenue (between King Street West and Liberty Street) along with the west side of Pardee Avenue south of Liberty Street. Additional parking signage and machines are expected to be installed in the next few months.

701 Fleet St – The Gore 545 Lakeshore Blvd W (temporary 24-hour Respite Site until completion of structure at The Gore)

Opening date: 545 Lakeshore Boulevard West is currently operating while The Gore site is expected to open May 2019
Operator: Fred Victor 
Community and Client Engagement Coordinator: 
Sylvia Braithwaite
Phone: 416-482-4103 extension 313
Fast Facts: 545 Lakeshore Blvd West & The Gore FAQ

351 Lakeshore Boulevard East

Opening date: April 2019
Operator: Dixon Hall