If you are a client of a shelter or 24-hour homeless service in Toronto and have a pet, speak with staff to access free pet services. Staff will submit a referral form for you and you will be notified of your appointment date and time within one business day.

Services for Clients and Pets

The City of Toronto and the Toronto Humane Society provide the following free pet services:

  • Spay and Neuter: prevents health problems such as tumours and behavioural problems such as inappropriate urination and aggression. Also prevents unwanted kittens and puppies
  • Vaccination: annual shots prevent diseases and keep your pet healthy
  • Microchip: helps reunite you with your pet if they get lost
  • Flea Control: makes your pet more comfortable by preventing and removing fleas
  • Health Exam: keep your pet healthy by taking them to see a veterinarian at least once a year

Free pet food, coats, leashes, crates, carriers and other supplies will be offered as available.

The Toronto Humane Society also offers free behaviour training and discounted dental services.

Services are available at the SNYP (Spay Neuter Your Pet) Truck, which will come to a neighbourhood close to you, or from the Toronto Humane Society at 11 River Street.

Supports for Service Providers

HelpingPawsTO can also offer supports to service providers. Toronto Animal Services and the Toronto Humane Society will drop off donated pet food, clothing, crates, carriers, or other supplies to your location on request. Availability may vary, since supplies are based on donations. To request supplies from Toronto Animal Services, call 416-338-6281 or email To request supplies from the Toronto Humane Society, call 416-392-2273.

The Toronto Humane Society is also offering free in-person and online training modules for staff at shelters, respites, and other 24-hour homeless services. The training offers your staff insights into understanding dog behaviour and working in an environment that includes animals. To request the training, please call the Toronto Humane Society at 416-392-2273.