A new financing program will be coming in 2023 to complement the Hi-RIS Program.


Are you interested in saving money and making improvements at a residential apartment building of three or more storeys?

Are you considering building improvements ranging from lighting upgrades to long-term capital investments such as renovating windows and replacing building insulation?

The High-Rise Retrofit Improvement Support Program (Hi-RIS) program makes low-cost financing available to undertake a variety of building improvements.

The City of Toronto Hi-RIS program helps apartment building owners undertake building improvements that reduce energy and water consumption. This program provides financing with up to 20 year terms at competitive fixed rates to residential apartment buildings in Toronto with three-storeys or more.

Interest rates (fixed over the term) 
Term Fixed Interest Rate
5 years 3.39%
10 years 3.74%
15 years 4.19%
20 years 4.24%

Why Participate in Hi-RIS

  1. Pay for building improvements over time, using associated energy, water and operational savings to offset costs.
  2. Take advantage of new lower interest rates and choose a fixed repayment term of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.
  3. Control the entire process by hiring energy auditors and contractors of your choice.
  4. Receive free support services from Tower Renewal and up to $100,000 in incentives available from Toronto Hydro and Enbridge.
  5. Hi-RIS can now fund renewable energy technology such as solar PV and geothermal.

How to Get Started

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest Form to find out how much funding you could receive.
  2. Complete a Funding Request Form and submit with a copy of an Energy Assessment (Energy Audit) Report and the City will prepare an agreement for your improvement project.
  3. Sign the Property Owner Agreement and get started on your building improvement project!

Program Overview

High-Rise Retrofit Improvement Support Program (Hi-RIS) is made possible through an amendment to the provincial regulation regarding local improvement charges.

Application Process

In order to receive funding under the Hi-RIS, property owners must meet the program eligibility criteria and provide all information required as part of the Program application process.

Criteria for an Energy Assessment Report

As part of the Hi-RIS application process, the City requires property owners to have a building energy assessment (also referred to as an energy audit) completed by a professional certified energy auditor that meets the eligibility criteria.

Past Projects

Learn more about past projects and how much you can save on building retrofits.