Location: 348 Davenport Rd.
Client group: Women, people who identify as transgender or gender non-binary
Number of beds: up to 73 (will open with 39 beds to meet physical distancing guidelines)
Date of Re-Opening: December 2021
Service operator: YWCA Toronto

The City of Toronto has re-opened YWCA Davenport following the completion of planned renovations. The shelter permanently replaced the 24-hour respite site that operated at 348 Davenport from January 28 to May 25, 2018. The City-owned facility will continue to provide safe, pet-friendly, emergency shelter and support services including permanent housing referrals to individuals 16 years of age and older, who identify as women, transgender or gender non-binary, experiencing homelessness in Toronto.

The renovations to YWCA Davenport significantly expand the amenities and increase the space available to shelter residents. They include a commercial kitchen (enabling the shelter to prepare meals on-site), a learning kitchen, a dining area, a program room, staff offices, and additional storage space. The renovations also increase the program’s pre-pandemic maximum capacity from 51 to 73 beds by making full use of its property. The site will open with 39 beds to start, to meet physical distancing requirements under the current Shelter Standards Directive, but when physical distancing requirements are lifted, the shelter will be able to accommodate up to 73 individuals overnight.

YWCA Davenport is managed by YWCA Toronto under an operating agreement with the City to meet or exceed Toronto Shelter Standards. The City works with dedicated community partners such as YWCA Toronto to provide person-centered, outcome-focused services that help people access the emergency supports they need, find and keep stable housing, and improve their overall well-being. YWCA Davenport provides free, safe and caring shelter to individuals experiencing homelessness along with the following supports:

  • Trauma-informed, knowledgeable staff who can help residents obtain relevant services and resources
  • Individual and group support programs
  • Resources to find safe and affordable housing
  • Job search assistance
  • Counselling (e.g. self-esteem, abuse, substance use, harm reduction, and mental health)

During the day, residents will receive services from case managers and housing workers tailored to their specific needs. They will also receive increased access to health services, thanks to a collaboration between the City and Ontario Health.

Community Engagement

YWCA Toronto will continue to foster collaborative and transparent relationships with Davenport’s local community. This commitment and effort will be facilitated by the shelter’s community liaison worker and management team – and through the inclusion of community members into shelter events and celebrations.