Location: 1059 College St.
Client group: Women
Number of expected beds: 52
Expected opening date: March 2021 with accommodations for 20-25 women
Service operator: Fred Victor

Fred Victor, a charitable organization, is moving its women’s shelter, Fatima House, from 86 Lombard Street to 1059 College Street. Fatima House is a shelter for women experiencing homelessness. Fatima House is a pet-friendly shelter that will offer housing and support services to women experiencing homelessness. Fatima House will open in December 2020 welcoming 20 to 25 women. When the building is fully occupied the shelter could accommodate up to 52 beds. The shelter will be operated by Fred Victor, a charitable organization with the mission to improve the health, income and housing stability of people experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Community Engagement

A community engagement plan has been developed to provide opportunities for people in the community to speak to staff and to get involved with integrating the new service into the community. Community engagement will include regular bulletin updates on this website, an online/telephone Information Session, ongoing communication and the establishment of a Community Liaison Committee (CLC).

Community Engagement Process Highlights:

  • Briefing with Councillor’s office on the project and the engagement plan
  • Community Engagement Facilitator to gather feedback on key issues from the community
  • Public Information Notice sent to immediate neighbours
  • Virtual Community Information Session for discussion between residents, businesses, the City and operators
  • Community Liaison Committee (CLC) meetings begin and will continue after the shelter is in operation
  • Virtual Open House to see inside Fatima House and learn about its services

The CLC will provide resident representatives, businesses, and community organizations with an opportunity to be actively involved in identifying concerns and problem-solving challenges related to the shelter, as well as supporting the successful integration of the shelter into the community. Additional information about Shelter Support & Housing Administration’s (SSHA’s) approach to working with the community is available on the community shelter integration web page.

The Community Liaison Committee (CLC) has been established and includes representatives of residents, businesses, and community organizations interested in identifying and problem-solving concerns and challenges, and helping triage offers of support related to the shelter in collaboration with Fatima House staff to ensure a successful transition of the shelter program into the community.

Please review the terms of reference for the CLC.

Meeting summaries, once reviewed and finalized by the CLC, will be made publicly available below so that everyone can stay updated. If you have questions about the Community Liaison Committee please email clc.1059college@gmail.com.

CLC Meeting Summaries

Thank you to everyone who participated in and watched the information session on October 29, 2020. The video, presentation and summary report are now available for reference. While we aim to provide fully accessible content, there is no text alternative available for some of the content on this site. If you require alternate formats or need assistance understanding our maps, drawings, or any other content, please contact us.


Please contact the Community Engagement Facilitator, Jane Farrow at clc.1059college@gmail.com. All media, including bloggers, should contact media@toronto.ca.