On April 1, 2016, City Council directed city staff to collect all relevant data related to the deaths of homeless individuals both within and outside homeless shelters.

As a result, Toronto Public Health (TPH) consulted on and developed a system to monitor the deaths of homeless people in Toronto. TPH will work with about 200 community agencies to confirm the deaths of homeless people that occur across the city. Effective January 1, 2017, these agencies will report deaths they are aware of, using a secure online reporting form.

TPH recognizes that Shelter Providers already report resident deaths to SSHA following the process outlined in Reporting Death of a Shelter Resident Guidebook. Shelter Providers will continue to report the following deaths solely to SSHA:

  • Residents with an active admission
  • Residents on leave with permission (e.g., overnight or longer)
  • Former residents who die within sixty (60) days of the being discharged to a medical facility or other institution.

However, in instances where Shelter Providers become aware of a death of a homeless person(s) who fall outside the scope of SSHA’s reporting requirement, Shelter Providers will report such deaths directly to TPH’s using their online reporting form found here: https://tph.fluidsurveys.com/s/homelessdeathreport/ (password: TPHHD2017). For example:

  • A current shelter resident informs you that a client who used the shelter several years ago died.
  • A community member informs shelter staff about a planned memorial for a homeless person in case there are clients and staff who wish to attend.


  • April City Council direction to collect homeless death data
  • Death of Shelter Resident Reporting form
  • Reporting Death of a Shelter Resident Guidebook

Contact Information: For more information about this Bulletin, please contact Mark Kim, Policy Development Officer at (416) 392-8783 or mkim2@toronto.ca.
For more information about TPH’s reporting form, please contact Dr. Joyce Bernstein, Epidemiologist/Statistician at (416) 338-8075 or jbernste@toronto.ca.