Over the last decade, there have been a number of devastating fires in Ontario in both multi-residential facilities and homes with multiple tenants or units. In several cases, these have been attributed to the presence of combustible materials in the corridors or fire exit-ways.

The City of Toronto Fire Services will be contacting you directly, beginning in June 2017, to schedule an inspection of your location to ensure compliance with the Fire Code. The Toronto Fire Services intends to inspect shelters on an annual basis.

In advance of the inspection please ensure you have the required minimum two year fire safety audits and logs completed on site ready for inspection. Ensure that any certificates or reports you have on any fire safety systems at your location show that not only have the systems been inspected and tested but there are no deficiencies. In addition, we encourage you to complete an on-site review of all exits and lobby areas and remove items that are combustible or impede exit during an emergency situation. The Fire Department will be able to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have with specific items of concern.

Contact Information: For more information about this Bulletin, please contact your Agency Review Officer or Programs Coordinator, Deirdre Boyle, for Homelessness Initiatives and Prevention Services, deirdre.boyle@toronto.ca.