In response to Motion CD19.11 (2017), City Council has directed that Shelter, Support, and Housing Administration Division (SSHA) conduct a review of shelter space standards. Specifically, this will include a detailed analysis of the Toronto Shelter Standards Version 4, Section 9.3. Basic Needs and Services, Client Privacy and Personal Space and will update Quality Assurance records held at SSHA confirming compliance with Toronto Shelter Standards.

All Shelter Providers will be notified of any discrepancies that require attention and the summarized findings will be reported to Council in early 2018.

SSHA has hired interior design consultants to conduct this Shelter Space Analysis Project (the Project) of all shelters funded and operated by the City of Toronto.

The Project will begin July 4, 2017 and all site assessments will be completed by September 2017. The interior design consultants will contact all shelter sites to schedule each site assessment and discuss the required duration of each site assessment.

The Project will incorporate a comprehensive building and site assessment, including but not limited to measurement/assessment of all program and sleeping spaces/rooms/areas and the number of beds in each sleeping area.

While SSHA will coordinate and fully fund the cost of the Project, your assistance will be required before and during the Project in order to expedite this process and limit the amount of disruption at your shelter.

You will be asked to identify a staff member that can accompany the interior design consultant during the entire assessment throughout the shelter. If your staffing model does not allow for this, please contact your Agency Review Officer and we will ensure staff from the SSHA are present to accompany the assessment. This will ensure that the privacy of clients is respected and shelter rules are followed.

We thank you in advance for your assistance and co-operation.

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