February 2020

Please ensure that this Bulletin is cascaded to all relevant staff as soon as possible, and a hard copy of this document is posted in a conspicuous place for ongoing reference.

Dear Shelter Providers,

Please see the attached information regarding a new pilot program to provide an opportunity to refugee seeking families, couples and pregnant women to relocate to a region outside of Toronto:

  1. FCJ has been contracted to assist families, couples or pregnant women who are interested in residing in Windsor, St. Catherine’s, Hamilton, Fort Erie or Kitchener.
  2. Each interested party will be given transportation assistance, an introduction to a temporary residence while a permanent address is confirmed and orientation to settlement services in Canada.
  3. FCJ will also provide information sessions to interested parties regarding this program as well as a general overview of settlement services in Canada.


FCJ Refugee Centre

For more information about this Bulletin, please contact FCJ at 416-469-9754 or fhin@fcjrefugeecentre.org.