Date Issued: August 25, 2020

Financial Reporting Requirements for Shelters, Respites, 24 Hour Drop-ins & New COVID Sites

Dear Service Providers,

Over the past six months, services to homeless individuals and families have been stretched and expanded to respond to new requirements and protocols while keeping clients safe. As we move into this next phase, away from reacting, HIPS will resume focus on reporting, planning and the collection of information regarding the status of all programs, new and existing.

For Respite Programs and 24 Hour Drop-ins, you would ordinarily have expected to provide a semi-annual expenditure report at the end of June, providing 6 month actuals and year end projections. For shelter providers, you would have received your budget submission template for 2021 earlier this summer in order to report 2019 actuals, 2020 projections and 2021 budget.  These reporting documents will all be replaced by a simpler document you will receive later in the fall and will cover all programs, including COVID site expansions.

You will be receiving a communication later in the fall requesting the following information:

  • 2019 Actual Expenditures
  • 2019 Audited Financial Statement
  • 2019 Audited Statement of Shelter Operations, as per your agreement
  • Estimated expenditures based on your current actuals for the period January 1 to September 30, 2020. For agencies that opened COVID specific hotels/alternative sites, you will be required to submit this information for each site. For agencies that were provided additional funds to remain open 24 hours/day or change your program model to meet physical distancing requirements, you will be required to report on those budgets separate from your main program reporting.
  • 2021 estimated budget for each program. This includes existing programs, any new programs related to a COVID-19 response and any new services, such as remaining open 24 hours/day.

As you can imagine, these are financially challenging times and SSHA is working closely with a budget that has been allocated from various government levels to support homelessness services in Toronto. These reports will assist in providing a snapshot of the true costs or savings, if any, and provide forecasts for 2021 based on current services.

Once again, I want to thank you all for your continued dedication to our clients, our team and this City. If you have any questions, or require any assistance with these reports, please contact your Agency Review Officer

Gord Tanner
Director, Homelessness Intervention & Prevention Services.

Please ensure that this Bulletin is cascaded to all relevant staff as soon as possible, and a hard copy of this document posted in a conspicuous place for ongoing reference.