Date Issued: October 30, 2020

Dear Service Providers,

This Bulletin will highlight the expectations of shelter providers when making inter-shelter referrals. Please note that this is not a function of Central Intake.

Please note the following situations:

  1. A client has requested to be transferred to another shelter;
  2. You are discharging a client;
  3. A client has requested a shelter bed that is not available at your site.

As per Toronto Shelter Standards, you are required to:

  1. Refer to SMIS for an available bed that is suitable for the client
  2. Contact that site to confirm availability;
  3. Enter the information as a referral to the new site in SMIS, placing the client in the queue;
  4. Provide the client with transportation to that site and inform them that the bed will be held for a maximum of 2 hours.
  5. When the client is admitted to the new shelter, they will be automatically discharged from your program.

Currently, Central Intake is experiencing a high volume of calls and is not able or available to assist with shelter transfers. The focus of Central Intake is to assist clients who are currently experiencing homelessness and in need of immediate shelter.

Gord Tanner
Director, Homelessness Intervention & Prevention Services.

Please ensure that this Bulletin is cascaded to all relevant staff as soon as possible, and a hard copy of this document posted in a conspicuous place for ongoing reference.


Toronto Shelter Standards