This Directive is issued under the authority of the Director of Hostel Services.


Invoicing Hostel Services by POS Shelters

Directive or Required Action

Purchase of Service (POS) shelter operators are required to submit an invoice to Hostel Services each month. This invoice contains the occupancy of the shelter for the month, and calculates the amount owed to the agency for providing shelter services.

  1. All POS shelter providers have been provided with invoice templates containing information specific to their shelter site. This template contains the contracted number of shelter beds and per diem rate(s) for programs operated by the agency.
  2. Each month, the shelter must submit a completed invoice to Hostel Services, in order to be reimbursed for the services provided during the billing period. The occupancy figures for each program can be found on the SMIS ‘Occupancy by Program Report” and these must be transcribed onto the invoice form. There is also a space for adjustments, which can be used for items such as corrections to previous invoices. Detailed instructions for completing the invoice are incorporated into each invoice spreadsheet.

The completed invoice must be reviewed and authorized by management staff. Invoices without an authorized signature will not be processed.
a. To register an employee as a signing officer, a ‘Delegation of Signing Authority’ form must be completed and submitted to Hostel Services.
b. Only management staff can be approved as signing officers. Electronic signatures are acceptable on the invoice form.

Purpose of Directive

To ensure that POS shelters are correctly compensated for their services in accordance with their operating agreement.


Shelter Providers are currently funded through a per diem model of funding, based on the number of clients admitted nightly.


Delegation of Signing Authority form

Contact Information

For more information about this Directive, contact your ARO.