Basement Flooding Study Area 47 has experienced basement and recurring surface flooding during past extreme storm events. The study area is located along Taylor Massey Creek in the Scarborough area.

Based on investigations of drainage and flooding, the City has evaluated a number of alternative solutions and is recommending upsizing two storm sewer outfalls.

For more information on the recommended improvements for the study area, please see the Public Consultation Section below.

The study area is between Eglinton Avenue East to the south, Birchmount Road to the west, the CN rail corridor to the east, and Flora Drive to the north.

Study Area 47 Taylor Massey Creek Scarborough
Study Area 47 Taylor Massey Creek Scarborough

During heavy rain, sewers can become overloaded with stormwater runoff. This puts pressure on the City’s sewer systems and overland drainage routes, such as roads, local rivers and streams, which can lead to basement flooding.

Potential solutions to address flooding may include:

  • Upsized sewers
  • Underground storage
  • Wet or dry ponds, where space allows
  • Upgrades or new storm sewer outfalls (drains to creeks and rivers)

The public had an opportunity to provide feedback on the study recommendations.


The study was carried out following the requirements for Schedule B projects under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process.

A Project File is available for a 30-day review period from October 26 to November 24, 2023. See the Notice of Study Completion for details.