Decision History

The following links contain the decision history associated with this project:

Once work is completed, road users can expect the following improvements in the area:

At the KQQR Intersection

  • A normal four-leg intersection at KQQR instead of current skewed intersection;
  • Removal of existing eastbound right-turn channel, which will improve pedestrian safety and accessibility as per the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan;
  • Traffic signal phasing to be changed from three signal phases to a standard two phase operation
  • Expansion and improvements at Beaty Boulevard Park (southwest corner)

On The Queensway

  • Extension of dedicated TTC streetcar right-of-way from west of Claude Avenue to Roncesvalles Avenue to reduce delays and improve service reliability (Will feature: curbs on the north and south sides of the streetcar lanes to physically separate from vehicle traffic).
  • New traffic signal at Sunnyside Avenue to improve pedestrian safety, access to St. Joseph’s Health Centre and movement of streetcars from Sunnyside Avenue Loop
  • Improved accessibility at TTC streetcar platforms
  • Widening of existing eastbound platform
  • Transit signal priority at Glendale Avenue and Roncesvalles Avenue
  • Improved traffic movement with new eastbound left-turn lanes at Glendale Avenue, Sunnyside Avenue and Roncesvalles Avenue
  • Improved pedestrian safety with north-south crossing on both sides of the intersection at Glendale Avenue
  • Safer cycling connection with extension of dedicated eastbound bicycle lane on The Queensway to Glendale Avenue and a new bike box with dedicated bicycle signal

On Roncesvalles Avenue and Queen Street

  • Two raised streetcar platforms/bicycle facilities on Roncesvalles Avenue, just north of Queen Street West
  • New accessible eastbound farside platform on the south side of Queen Street West, east of Roncesvalles Avenue

On King Street West

  • Wider sidewalks
  • New TTC shelter for northbound stop
  • Reconfiguration and upgrades to Beaty Boulevard Parkette