Animal diseases play an important role in public health. Animals (e.g. pets, wildlife) are capable of transmitting diseases to humans. This web page contains useful information for the public, operators of petting zoos and animal exhibits, as well as veterinarians on diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

Rabies Prevention and Control

Information on rabies in animals, rabies prevention and what to do if bitten or scratched by an animal.

Petting Zoos & Other Animal Exhibits

Operating safe petting zoos / animal exhibits and infection prevention and control, including tips for attending petting zoos and animal attractions.

Backyard Poultry

Information on the health risks common with backyard poultry and how to prevent illness.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Information on the health-risks common with pet reptiles and amphibians, and how to prevent illness.

Information for Veterinarians

Rabies prevention and control information, zoonotic diseases in animals, and reporting requirements for veterinarians relating to potential rabies exposures and zoonotic diseases.